The Indian Muslims Podcast

The Indian Muslims Podcast attempts to provide a platform to discuss Indian Muslim issues towards a positive change. Our goal is to have constructive conversations that move the ball forward with sensitivity and without sensationalization that is prevalent in current media.

We will amplify voices that need to be heard in a thoughtful way without the cacophony of 30 second sound bites. We will explore and discuss topics relevant to the Muslims of India across politics, society, arts, culture and more.

The podcast will showcase well-known and not so well-known voices within India’s Muslim community and some outside it. At times, we will look backward for historical context to better understand contemporary issues. Other times, we will bring forward fresh ideas through our conversations. The ideal outcome is to inform and educate on the best practices to tackle difficult issues that can be emulated within the wider community. We will highlight individuals and organizations that are doing exemplary work and how their experience can be used by others.

We plan to publish weekly episodes. It is our first foray into the world of podcasting, so it will be a work in progress. All feedback and ideas are welcome. Please reach out via Twitter or use the contact form.