Where are we headed?

Its nearly a month ago when we had celebrated our 60th Independence day, A couple of months since the last terrorist strike in Mumbai and 4 days since the Malegaon blasts, another few years back we had blasts in Mumbai, and another ones in Delhi and almost daily in Kashmir. Then just 4 years back Godhra riots, Akshardham attack, Parliament attacks, Babri Demolition, Mumbai riots, We are still in the upper part of the country and have not even covered 10% of the deadly events and it looks to be too many. We can easily recall most of the events in our life in the last decade and half by relating to the nearest deadly attacks on the citizens of the country.
Is it a prolonged civil strife or is it going to be a long series of revenge killings, how much of it is going to be state sponsored, which event would be foreign sponsored, would we turn into a communal state?. India today is at crossroads and the next step could determine the destiny of more than a billion people or 1\6th of the world. Are we doing enough to ensure the safety of the 1\6th population of the world, which co-incidentally is the youngest?. Is terrorism the way it is portrayed and community which it is always linked to are the only threats to this country? We sure have progressed economically over the last decade and half but have dithered much faster from our secular credentials too. Are we doing anything to restore that? Doesn’t seem to be the case.
So the important question is where are we headed? I have been asking this question to myself for quite sometime resulting in this post to be in draft for a long time. But I find it difficult to find answers to my questions or atleast the answers don’t satisfy my vision of the country. So I put this question bare open to all of us, where are we headed?

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