The magic of Urdu poetry: Republic Day Mushaira

Nowhere in the world, poetry has such importance in society as in the Indian sub-continent. After all, where would thousands sit till midnight and after to listen to the poets! There is definitely something magical about Urdu poetry.

The Republic Day mushaira brought back memories of the mushairas of the past. After all, poets of the stature of Shaharyar, Waseem Barelvi, Saghar Khayyami and Zubair Rizvi were present on the stage

chiraaghoN ko bujhaana chaahti hai/havaa bhi aab-o-daana chaahti hai
ameer-e-shahar aaNkheN band karle/Gharibi muskuraana chaahti hai

This couplet by young poet Tariq Qamar set the stage and signalled that new generation of poets is ready to take off. After the Lucknow poet, it was Naeem Akhtar’s turn to wow the audience.

mere tumhaarii baat fasaana to hai nahiiN/hai bhii agar to sabko sunaanaa to hai nahiiN
tum do fareb aur maiN samjhuuN hunar use/itnaa bhii saadgii ka zamaanaa to hai nahiiN

The poet from the historic town of Burhanpur recited his ghazals in ‘tarannum’. And when Navaz Deobandi held the mike, the atmosphere was truly electric. His ghazal with the opening couplets:

jalte ghar ko dekhne vaalo phuus ka chhappar aapkaa hai
aag ke piichhe tez havaa hai, aage muqaddar aapka hai
uske qatl pe maiN bhii chup thaa mera number ab aaya
mere qatl pe aap bhii chup hai, aglaa number aapka hai

And the subsequent ghazals that had couplets like…

sach bolne ke shauq meN nuqsaan to huaa
lekin maiN saare shahar meiN zeeshaan to huaa

Poetesses were also impressive. But the mushaira reached its peak when the prince of Urdu poetry on the platforms of Mushaira, Professor Waseem Barelvi began reciting his ghazals and audiences wanted him to continue reciting his ghazals and geets.

bhalaa ghamoN se kahaaN haar jaane vaale the
ham aaNsuoN kii tarah muskuraane vaale the
hamii ne kar diyaa elaan-e-gumrahi varna
hamaare piichhe bohat log aane vaale the

After him the doyen of Urdu poetry and arguably the greatest poet of Ghazal in the country, Shaharyar, recited his ghazal:

dil meN utregi to puuchhegii junuuN kitnaa hai
nok-e-Khanjar hi bataayegii ki khuuN kitnaa hai

The ageing poet despite his ill health read his ghazal that turned the audience emotional. Elderly poet Saghar Khayyami injected humour into the gathering when he read out his ghazal:

Huuraan-e-khuld husn meN behtar haiN kis qadar
maide kii loii jism hai aur sharbati nazar
har chiiz naazukii meN rag-e-gul se Khuubtar
shab bhar Tatolte raho miltii nahiiN kamar

Above are just a few couplets of selected poets. The Mushaira was organised by Urdu Academy to mark the Jashn-e-Jamhuriyat (Republic Day).

The mushaira organised in Delhi, was a resounding success. Just when you start getting worried about the declining standards of poetry, there is an event that strengthens your belief about the survival of a language as sweet as Urdu and the charm of Urdu shaayri.

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  1. Dear Friends,
    Urdu is a language which is spoken in every part ofthe world, unfortunately
    Urdu was linked with religous associations and after division of India it was
    Discriminated and labelled as language of muslims but in fact it is the Lingua franca of Indo Pak ,no matter where you go from Kabul to Calcutta ,Urdu is Spoken widely.
    We must try to preserve this beautiful language and promte its education irrespective of the script Devnagri or Arabic script it does not matter and it
    Does not change the position of urdu even if you call it Hindi it is the same language and over and above sectarian or racial ground Urdu should be accepted as the ONLY LANGUAGE OF INDOPAK which is the most Popular.

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    Now let us focus on the preservation and promotion of Urdu language which
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  5. Bhai Ikram Pasha !
    Ramadan Mubarak to you and to all the friends.
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