The Central Madarsa Board

During a fieldwork, I recently spent some time in the campus of Jameatul Hidaya, Jaipur. This madrasa is blazing a trail of reform in the domain of the madrasa curriculum as it trains its students in one of three professional trades (computer, mechanical and electrical), along with grooming them in the religious sciences. During interactions with its vice chancellor Maulana Ziyaur Rahim Mojaddidi, I learnt that the Jamea had a vision to come up with a campus as large as that of any government university. Though it has enough money to do so, the Rajasthan government does not let it go ahead with its plan. “If the government is not allowing the Jamea to construct buildings with its own money on its on land, how can one believe that it will spend money for the betterment of the madrasa community and that is too without any design?�, asks Yunus Shamsi, a graduate of Jameatul Hidaya.

Arshad has more.

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