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Ramadan series: Nisa’

I have become a minority in my house today. Five females have taken over the house and I don’t mind it at all. They are gracious enough to let me have my space and peace. Waiting for iftar in Delhi’s … Continue reading

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Women Empowerment: A Different Perspective

Here is the paradox. In one hand, we have ladies leading our countries and on the other hand, we are not even letting others see the face of the earth. Based on the declining sex ratio, a recent study has predicted that by 2020 India will experience twenty percent more males than females! This is the worst possible discrimination that we can inflict on women. We are denying them their right to be born! recently there has been considerable debates about ‘can Islam liberate women or not’, but the outcome, as usual, is blurred. Though the scriptures give a certain degree of rights, the practice of the followers i.e. the Muslims are significantly different from the scriptures. Although every society has had its share of discrimination against women, the west seems to be swiftly embracing the changing landscape of women’s participation in nearly all spheres of life, although with some if’s and but’s. Continue reading

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Women’s Reservation Bill: What It Means For Muslim Representation?

Women’s Reservation Bill was a big hope for Muslim women whose presence is almost negligible in the Indian political system. Need of the hour is that Muslims should now come forward and sincerely discuss the issue of their presence in the Indian politics. Today Muslims have lost their reserved percentage in the Women’s Reservation Bill and in the coming time there are fair chances that the number of Muslims may go down if the accommodating nature of the top Muslim political leaders continues. Continue reading

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Women Who Dared

There are instances where women have dared where men chicken out or ‘weaker’ women have proved to be morally much stronger.These women are also all illiterate and grass root workers. Their humanism is very much alive and are free of communal prejudices.They proved to be more of human being than Hindu, Christian or Muslim. Continue reading

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Muslim Women Of Malabar

Malabar Muslim women may be dressed- traditional, modern, or religious- Mappila women cannot be ignored. Until recently, a section of ulama were opposed to women’s education but people’s attitude changed and now the same group of traditional ulama have set up an engineering college with a women’s hostel attached. Times have changed. Continue reading

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Islamic Shariah In The Western World

Does Islamic Shariah fits into the western society? Continue reading

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Islam, Globalization And Challenges

A comment on how Islamic societies are coping up with the increasingly globalized world. Continue reading

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Rethinking Islam And Hinduism

In this time of heightened tensions between Hindus and Muslims, there is a need to rethink the two religions. Continue reading

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The Nuclear Deal and the Desperation

The Manmohan Singh’s desperation for nuclear deal may just add to Congress’ woes Continue reading

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Indian Muslim Community Discourses: Continuities, Changes and Challenges

Is the Muslim problem in India a religious one or a socio-economic one? Continue reading

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