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Jaan hai to jahaan hai – Urdu expressions

There are some expressions that have become part of our language, so much so that very few of us know the origin or even the full couplet where they come from. Muhammad Ramzan Abdul Shakoor has made it easy for … Continue reading

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Whose Urdu is it anyway?

Urdu has an identity crisis in India -is it an Indian language or just a Muslim language? Liberals will claim that it is a secular language and list names of non-Muslim writers and poets who are still counted among the … Continue reading

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Reading Iqbal

Growing up as a Muslim in India I had ambivalent feelings about Iqbal. One wants to sing ‘saare jahaan se accha…” from the top of his lung but then how do I reconcile the fact he was the first person … Continue reading

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Who is the best Meer singer?

Meer Taqi Meer is a big name in Urdu poetry. In fact, he is so big that it seems people are afraid to touch him. There has been lot of work on Ghalib and Iqbal but Meer has been denied … Continue reading

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Marsiya : a form of Urdu poetry

I am happy to see this news about opening of a school to revive/preserve the art of marsiya writing. Marsiya is a fully developed form of Urdu poetry and it is wrong to think that is just a lamentation for … Continue reading

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Our English Is Urdu

When I find more words and fewer meanings I consider it Urdu. When I find less reason and more emotion I consider it Urdu. When I find that we are not trying to get world class ideas because we are using a world-class language I consider it Urdu. There is nothing wrong with a language. There may be something (seriously) wrong with a people and the institutions as well as the traditions that they have developed. When we underestimate ourselves, talk more of hurdles and pass a lot of buck I feel that all these expressions are in Urdu. But by the same token there may be some whose Urdu is English if it has more meanings and reason. I may not know them but I salute them. Continue reading

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The Annual Of Urdu Studies: Urdu Scholarship In English Language

The Annual of Urdu Studies (AUS) was started in 1980 by Prof. C. M. Naim of the University of Chicago, who published it from 1981 to 1990. Three years later, Prof. Memon at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, took over the responsibility of this journal. He has published this journal without a break since 1993. It is an annual publication and has so far published 24 issues. The journal is now facing difficulties and is in need of financial support to keep the publication going. Continue reading

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26/11 And Urdu Press

26/11 has evolved Urdu journalism: this was the first time that leading newspapers devoted many special pages to a tragedy. News was not just covered from the ‘Muslim point of view’ as is widely believed, but from the human angle as well. Continue reading

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A Poem On Mumbai Attacks

A beautiful and thought provoking poem on the Mumbai attacks penned by social activist Gauhar Raza directed towards secular friends who have fallen for the false propaganda of the killers. Continue reading

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Ghalib: Ode to Benaras

It is sad that our ancestors, not in a very distant past, were much more respectful of other religions. Mirza Ghalib at his time wrote glowingly about Benaras during a visit to the Hindu holy city. Continue reading

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