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Closer Look: The Role Of Ulema

Ulema are considered as inheritors of the prophets. Ulema themselves explain their exalted position by saying that this is so because prophets didn’t leave behind any wealth except wealth of knowledge and ulema as a group have over fourteen hundred years preserving and propagating this prophetic knowledge. But what has been the role of Ulema in recent years?Flash forward to present times and you will see ulema who are related to each other through blood and marriages are fighting among themselves for their piece of Jamiat, to control Darul Uloom Deoband, or to gain some political benefits. All this is going on when just a few years ago Sachar Committee report put numbers on Muslims’ socio-economic backwardness.What we need is actually an equal partnership between ulema and the “modern-educated “both balancing out each other’s skewed world and Islamic view and learning from each other. Continue reading

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Muslim Decline And Responsibilities Of Ulema

The ulema once provided moral leadership to Muslim society, playing a central role in its formation and reformation. They were meant to be the true guides of the community, in accordance with the well-known saying of the Prophet Muhammad: ‘The ulema are the inheritors of the prophets’ (al-ulemao warasat al-anbiya). Ulema must be far-sighted, basing their actions and programmes on the future, rather than simply harping on the past. Continue reading

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Madrasa Reforms And Inter-Faith Dialogue

Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rehmani speaks to Yoginder Sikand on Madrasa reforms, incorporation of English and Science in Madrasa curriculum and role played be Madrasas in interfaith dialogue . Continue reading

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Muslims In Introspection Mode

Dialogue within the Muslim community on what form the rightful Islamic traditions has long been overdue. Thankfully, Muslims are now on an alert mode, identifying and rejecting intolerant elements within their own people. Continue reading

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Taqlidi Versus Ijtihadi Approaches

Muslims must develop the approach of ijtihad (dynamic and creative) rather than taqlid (stagnant and imitative of past precedent) to resolve contemporary issues. Continue reading

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Madrasa Reforms: Some Issues To Consider

Revising the existing madrasa curriculum needs to be a holistic exercise covering various disciplines necessary for becoming a qualified Ulema. Continue reading

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Who Shrunk The Muslim Intelligentsia?

Clerics are generally seen to be the representative Indian Muslim leaders. Is that really the case? Continue reading

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Hindu-Muslim Unity

A historical speech by a leading Deobandi maulvi on Hindu-Muslim unity Continue reading

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Indian Muslim Organizations And Leadership Disputes

Frequent infighting and split among Indian Muslim organizations are harming the community. Continue reading

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Jamiat in Jeopardy: Uncle-Nephew Strife Splits Leading Indian Ulema Body

The power grabbing politics, contrary to the ‘Islamic’ lip-service, leading to Jamiat split Continue reading

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