Tackling Terrorism: A Call To Hindu And Muslim Religious Leaders

Maulana Waris Mazhari
(Translated by Yoginder Sikand)

Inter-faith DialogueThe recent assault on Mumbai is the most deadly terrorist attack that India has witnessed so far, and it has shaken every Indian. Every one of us is asking how it is that we have become so vulnerable and what it is that we must do to confront this situation. It has become a sort of fad to blame politicians for all our ills and problems. Continue reading Tackling Terrorism: A Call To Hindu And Muslim Religious Leaders

5 Things Muslims Should Have Done!

Mumbai MorningThe attacks are a direct result of radicalisation of Islam and hatred for anyone who does not share your belief. Unlike the earlier blasts, Indian Muslims have not been blamed for the recent Mumbai attacks. The attacks were too complicated to blame us. Does that guarantee that the recent attacks will not have any repercussions for the Muslim community? The terrorists must have definitely had some form of local support to get such precise details about their target. Continue reading 5 Things Muslims Should Have Done!

Hindutva Terror: Why?

He who troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind. And the foolish shall be servant to the wise.” Proverbs 11:29

In a very important development in Indian history, members of a few Parivar groups were arrested and are to be charged with carrying out terror attacks. These charges are yet to be proved in a court of law, but it is clear that they stood to gain most from the terror strikes, as it stoked up communal feelings and discredited the congress government. Nobody will risk the wrath of Hindutva brigade without solid proof given their political power, and the political backing of the BJP. Continue reading Hindutva Terror: Why?

Whither India: Qualitative Change In Polity

Varanasi, IndiaLast six months have been most disturbing on the Indian political scene. As far as the values of integration are concerned they are being attacked very severely by terrorist-communal forces. First, we saw the series of bomb blasts, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Malegaon. It was projected by the authorities that all these acts are due to Jehadi Muslim groups that police have succeeded in cracking the network. One outcome of this was the Batla house encounter in which police, bravely killed the terrorists. Continue reading Whither India: Qualitative Change In Polity

Jihad? But What About Other Verses In Qur’an?

Quran PageThe terror attacks in India as well as abroad has created an impression as if jihad is central to Qur’anic teaching. First of all, as we have asserted repeatedly, jihad does not mean war in Qur’an as there are other words for it like qital and harb for war. Jihad has been used in Qur’an in its root meaning i.e. to strive and to strive for betterment of society, to spread goodness (ma’ruf) and contain evil (munkar). Continue reading Jihad? But What About Other Verses In Qur’an?

Some Questions About The Counter-Terror Operation At Jamia Nagar, New Delhi

Jamia Nagar StreetA team comprising activists, academicians and journalists visited the site of the police operation against alleged terrorists staying in an apartment in Jamia Nagar in the afternoon of 20.09.2008 (Saturday). Two alleged terrorists Atif and Sajid, along with Mohan Chand Sharma, an inspector of the Delhi Police’s Special Cell died in the operation while a third alleged terrorist was arrested. Continue reading Some Questions About The Counter-Terror Operation At Jamia Nagar, New Delhi

And They Struck Again

Lajpat NagarThe terrorists struck again and this time in Delhi at the time and place of their choosing on 13th September in the evening when maximum number of people go out shopping. As usual before the investigations began police officer concluded it is SIMI pattern and hence SIMI is involved. And not only that they also knew the Mumbai based Tauqir the tech-savy bomber who is the mastermind and is at large is behind it. Continue reading And They Struck Again

Victims Of India’s ‘War On Terror’

Jumma Masjid, AhmedabadIn a development of far-reaching and frightening implications for the stature of the Indian judiciary, Bar Associations in several parts of the country are effectively banning advocates from defending Muslim youth branded as ‘terrorists’, many of them who may well be wrongly accused. A chilling indicator of how deeply-rooted anti-Muslim prejudice has now become. Continue reading Victims Of India’s ‘War On Terror’

A Real Encounter

Jammu Kidnap EncounterWe have read a number of stories of fake encounters and though less prevalent now, but it is a powerful extra judicial tool for police officers and therefore it will continue to be used. We as common citizen should be watchful of these excesses and develop awareness to distinguish between the fake encounters and the real one. Continue reading A Real Encounter