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Indian Sufism

Kaagaa sab tan khaiyo, chun chun khaiyo maans, Do nenan mat khaiyo, mohe piyaa milan ki aas (O crow eat my body and every morsel of my flesh But pray eat not my eyes for they wait for the sight … Continue reading

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Music of Nagore

Nagore is famous for Sufi saint Syed Abdul Qadir popularly known as Qadir Vali. Syed Abdul Qadir born in Manikpur in present day UP in the year 1504 (910 hijri). Around the age of 18 he left home seeking a … Continue reading

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Sufis of the Indus region – I

He is Abu Hanifa and He is Hanuman, He is the Koran and H e is the Vedas, He is this and He is that, He is Moses, and He is Pharaoh – Sachal Sarmast Tombs at Makli Hill, Thatta, … Continue reading

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Is Music Prohibited In Islam ?

Is music really prohibited? While Ulama denounced music the Sufi saints generally approved of it and distinguishing between lahw wa la’band sheer fun they allowed music as a tool to God-realization as music could induce a sort of ecstasy which in turn helped God-realization. Thus sama’ which literally means listening of music was practiced by sufi saints. Continue reading

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Review – Sufism: The Heart of Islam

Sadia Dehlvi’s latest offering, “Sufism: The Heart of Islam”, traces the history of Sufism, the major Sufi silsilas or Master-Pupil chains, the early Sufis, the essence of the Sufi ‘experience’ and the foundation of Sufism in faith or deen. She speaks with passion and clarity and leavens her narrative with personal observations and experiences. Continue reading

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Sufism: The Heart of Islam (New Book by Sadia Dehlvi)

Sadia Dehlvi’s book is a timely addition to the debates on Islam, Sufism and its accessibility and reader-friendliness. Whilst exploring the core of Sufi thought, the book traces the extraordinary lives of the early Sufis including the companions of the Prophet (PBUH), their sayings, and their emphasis on the purification of the heart. Continue reading

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Happy Holi Everyone!

Wishing a happy Holi to all the readers. Enjoy it with a beautiful poem that places the Prophet in a very distinct Indian cultural mileu written by Hazrat Shah Niaz. Abida Parveen has rendered it amazingly well in the album Raqs-e-Bismil. Continue reading

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The Joy And Pain Of Being An Indian Muslim

It makes Indian Muslims proud to see their country become one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world. However it them to find that most Muslims continue to be marginalized and stereotyped in India and often suspect in their nationalism. Continue reading

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Dr. Zakir Naik – Defame And Destroy

One comes across several interesting comments from the people who have been defending Mr. Zakir Naik on Indian Muslims Blog. Most of my brothers and sisters are impressed by his “immense knowledge” without knowing that his kind of knowledge (database or retention) has nothing to do with religion at all. Continue reading

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Ghalib: Ode to Benaras

It is sad that our ancestors, not in a very distant past, were much more respectful of other religions. Mirza Ghalib at his time wrote glowingly about Benaras during a visit to the Hindu holy city. Continue reading

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