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My Visit To Riot-Affected Ratlam

The incidence has caused deep wound physical as well psychological on the Muslims who are economically hard pressed in Ratlam. The arrested persons must be released without delay, people must be compensated for the damage caused during the search operation (some even allege that money and ornaments were taken away) and it must be investigated why the situation was not handled tactfully and why innocent people in such huge numbers were implicated when there was no injury to anyone. Continue reading

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Communal Riots 2009

The year 2009 also did not witness major riots and this pattern is continuing since Gujarat riots of 2002. However, no year so far has been riot-free year. If communal violence erupts it is more because of weakness of secular forces than the strength of communal forces. If secular parties show courage and strong political will there is no reason communalism will have long lease of life. Continue reading

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Communal Riots During 2008

When the year 2008 began it appeared it might be riot-free year for the first time in 60 years after independence. However, soon this hope was belied and riots began to take place as every year. Continue reading

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Muslims Should Adopt Advocacy Instead Of Protests

Instead of protesting, Muslims should adopt advocacy methods to alleviate problems. Continue reading

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Death Of A Patriot

In 1947 while other princes of Junagarh were opting for Pakistan, Imamuddin Khan Babi chose India. Continue reading

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The Case Of A Missing Fatwa

Is Darul Uloom Deoband right or the Indian Express on a fatwa story? Continue reading

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Communal Riots Report 2007

Analysis of communal riots that happened throughout India in 2007. Continue reading

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Two Poems On Gujarat Violence

by Ashok Gupta   In the memory of 2000 men women and children killed in the state led genocide of Gujarat in 2002 and 200,000 who lost their homes and dignity. Shame I should be ashamed of raising issues that divide … Continue reading

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Whose India Is This, Anyway? – Part II

In the first part of this article I argued why I consider Hindu militant nationalism practiced by RSS/ VHP brand of politics the greatest threat being faced by Indian nation. Expectedly my observation raised objections – most of them well … Continue reading

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Why the mistrust?

The trust of people on the protectors of law and order in a country is imperative for peace to exist. Any mistrust could escalate violence by acting as an incipient point for crime. Cooperation between the police and the public … Continue reading

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