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Postmodernism And The Quran

A general perception in the West is that Quranic teachings discourage progress and are incompatible with a modern way of life. What have been the characteristics of modernity? Freedom of conscience, individual and human dignity, democracy, gender equality and a scientific outlook. The Quran lays stress on freedom of conscience (2:256); democratic and collective decision-making (42:38); dignity of human beings (17:70); gender equality (2:228; 33:35). Numerous other verses urge one to reflect on the creation of the universe, the creation of human beings, animals and so on to encourage a scientific outlook through inductive reasoning. Continue reading

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The Pluralistic Message Of The Quran

The Quran describes itself as a book of wisdom and guidance for the pious. With its all-inclusive vision, it attempts to build a global community. One cannot be a Muslim without affirming all the prophets who came before Muhammad. Islamic traditions believe that around 1, 24,000 prophets were sent to planet earth.The Quran informs that there has never been a time when God did not send Messengers who did not speak the language of the people. ‘To every people was sent an apostle’. Continue reading

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Modernity, Its Discontent And Religion

Spiritual joy and material happiness must go together. Reason should not be devoid of values. Reason without higher goals, meaning and significance of life, is two-edged sword. Truth should not be mere conformity with facts but also beyond and above it, transcendent and all inclusive. Continue reading

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Compassion In Islam – Theology And History

Islam is generally associated with Jihad. But it is more due to its history than its theology. It is interesting to note that while jihad in Islam is more historical than theological, compassion, on the other hand, is more theological than historical. Continue reading

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Islam And Compassion – An Scriptural, Historical And Contemporary Perspective

The Qur’an in fact is book of guidance, not of war and encourages Muslims to live in peace and harmony and coexist with all people be they unbelievers or Jews or Christians or of any other persuasion whatsoever. Continue reading

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Taqlid, Ijtihad And Democracy

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan argues that the reason for the backwardness of present-day Muslim thought is the refusal to engage in ijtihad, to come out of the boundaries of the established corpus of fiqh and to gain guidance directly from the Quran and Hadith. Continue reading

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Taqlidi Versus Ijtihadi Approaches

Muslims must develop the approach of ijtihad (dynamic and creative) rather than taqlid (stagnant and imitative of past precedent) to resolve contemporary issues. Continue reading

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Madrasas And Sectarian Conflict

Maulana Waris Mazhari in his book argues that madrasas should focus on providing Islamic education that is free from old sectarianism. Continue reading

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Jihad? But What About Other Verses In Qur’an?

Some Muslim terrorists are using Quranic verses on jihad to lend legitimacy to their inhuman terrorist attacks while disregarding all the other Quranic injunctions against their actions. Continue reading

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The Concept Of Jihad In Islam

The concept of Jihad has been maligned much by the actions of terrorists invoking the concept for their inhuman actions. However, true essence of Jihad is struggle with one’s self, not with others. Continue reading

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