Wishing All Readers A Peaceful And Blessed Eid

Eid WishesIndian Muslims Blog wishes all its readers a peaceful and blessed Eid. Depending upon local moonsighting or predetermined date Muslims all over the world would be celebrating Eid either on 30th September, 1st October or 2nd October 2008. Continue reading Wishing All Readers A Peaceful And Blessed Eid

Book Review: Islam In Post-Modern World

Name of the Book: Islam in Post-Modern World—Prospects and Problems

Author: Asghar Ali Engineer
Publisher: Hope India, Gurgaon (info@hopeindiapublications.com)
Year: 2008
Pages: 159
Price: Rs.350

The title of this book is, admittedly, somewhat misleading. What exactly is ‘post-modern’, a term that the book purports to address, but nowhere does it define what the author means by it? Can one talk of a ‘post-modern’ world when for vast numbers of people ‘modernity’ (whatever that may mean) itself seems far out of reach? Continue reading Book Review: Islam In Post-Modern World

Islam, Muslims And Terrorism


Islam is being invariably associated with terrorism both in media as well as in political circles, especially in Western countries. When they hear it being condemned by Muslim theologians, it is celebrated as something unusual. It is strange irony of both misunderstanding and motivated propaganda that if a small band of Osama’s followers give call for jihad, it is taken as authentic Islamic call and if it is condemned by mainstream Islamic theologians, it is accepted with mixed feelings of celebration and skepticism. Continue reading Islam, Muslims And Terrorism

Prophet Mohammed And The Mystics

Muhammad Calligraphy(On the occasion of the 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal, the Prophet’s birthday)

Prophet Mohammed was born on a Monday, the twelfth night of Rabi ul awwal in Mecca in the year 570 CE. It is a day to rejoice as God sent him as a rahmat tul alamin, “We sent thee not, but as a Mercy for all creatures” (21:107). God is all praise for the Prophet of whom He was the Nurturer (Rab). “And thou standst on an exalted standard of character.” (68:4). He commands us to follow the Messenger. “If you do love Allah, Follow me: Allah will love you and forgive you your sins: For Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (3:31). Continue reading Prophet Mohammed And The Mystics

Rethinking Islam And Hinduism

S Irfan Habib

There has been a lot of noise about rethinking in Islam, particularly post September 11,2001. I feel it is long overdue and September 11 has just given us a rude shock to get into action. Within India, Godhra and the ensuing Gujarat carnage has added urgency to the question of rethinking, making us conscious of the fact that there is something seriously wrong somewhere. If September 11 and Godhra are the ugly faces of Islam than the burning of Graham Staines and his children and the ongoing Gujarat carnage is the depraved and distorted face of Hinduism. Both are threats to the secular and pluralist fabric of India. Continue reading Rethinking Islam And Hinduism

‘The Message’ Banned in Hyderabad. Why?

The iconic Oscar nominated movie ‘The Message’ has recently been released in India in movie theatres in its Hindi/Urdu dubbed version. But it was the perfect opportunity for the media grabbers to create controversy. MIM has been successful in getting the movie pulled out of theatres in Hyderabad. They claim the movie is ‘anti-Islamic’! Interestingly when I was a kid everyone tried hard to get a copy of the movie and view it on the VCR. The movie is perhaps the only serious attempt on the life of the Holy Prophet. Continue reading ‘The Message’ Banned in Hyderabad. Why?

Danish Cartoons – Responding Evil With Hateful Ignorance

Prophet CartoonsNo sane, intelligent person, be it Muslim or non-Muslim will support the handful fanatics’ reaction and willingness to harm and kill the cartoonists who depicted the caricature of Muhammad. Obviously the cartoons and the caricatures were wrong in the first place as they were done with political bias with no fair understanding of Islam or the teachings of the Prophet. Those who drew such cartoons stupidly equate a handful of terrorists with the teaching of Islam, which condemn such behavior in the slightest degree let alone killing innocents. Continue reading Danish Cartoons – Responding Evil With Hateful Ignorance

Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasrin

Salman RushdieSalman Rushdie and Taslima Nasrin are generally hot topic in the Muslim world and outside. Both of them are from the subcontinent. But they represent two very different faces of dissidence. Looking at their examples, I shall try to draw some conclusions about dissidence. Continue reading Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasrin

Baras, Punjab: Where Prophets rest in peace

Graves of Prophets at BarasThere is a well known Islamic belief that messengers of God were sent to each and every nation. “We sent a messenger to every community, saying, ‘Worship God and shun false gods.’ Among them were some God guided; misguidance took hold of others,” reads the thirty sixth verse of the sixteenth chapter of the Holy Qur’an.  In the light of such a clear verse it wouldn’t be far fetched to say that the Indian sub-continent too had its fair share of God’s messengers. There is evidence to indicate that prophets have walked throughout its length and breadth. Hence, we find graves which are reportedly the final resting places of prophets, known and unknown, from Ayodhya in the north to Rameswaram in south.  One such place not commonly known is located right in the heart of Punjab . Continue reading Baras, Punjab: Where Prophets rest in peace

Who were the Indian Prophets?

Sri KrishnaCould it be that Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Zoroaster and Confucius were Prophets of God? This is not a new question and has been asked many times before. As I argue further that while we cannot proclaim strictly based on the Quran and Hadees (as they have not been mentioned by name) yet based on these very sources we tend to move towards possibly accepting them as such.

There is a well-known Hadees that there have been 1,24,000 Prophets sent by God in the history of mankind. But in the Quran only 25 have been mentioned by name. Continue reading Who were the Indian Prophets?