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Rahmani-30: A school Of Hope

Rahmani-30 is set up on the pattern of Bihar Super-30 which is a successful experiment to pick and train 30 students from poor economic background and prepare them for entrance exam of famous Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Abhayanand, a senior police officer of Super-30 fame helped Maulana Wali Rahmani establish Rahmani-30. Continue reading

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Communal Riots During 2008

When the year 2008 began it appeared it might be riot-free year for the first time in 60 years after independence. However, soon this hope was belied and riots began to take place as every year. Continue reading

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Shaheen Bagh Kidnapping Case: Observations And Questions

A team of UP Police brazenly attempts to kidnap a youth from Shaheen Bagh and media tries to portray a narrative completely different from reality. Continue reading

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Terrorism, Communal Violence And Police

Responsibility of police in a democratic society is to be evenhanded while discharging their duties. Continue reading

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A Real Encounter

Three terrorists were killed in a long encounter in Jammu which raises questions about fake encounters elsewhere in India. Continue reading

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Deoband: “Terrorism is Un-Islamic”

A path-breaking declaration by 10,000 religious leaders at Deoband should be the starting point of a mature dialogue Continue reading

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Whither Justice – Trajectory Of Srikrishna Report

Victims of Bombay riots of 1993 await for justice after 14 years. Continue reading

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Bilkis Bano: The Face of Courage

Bilkis Bano by her grit and determination has shown the real face of courage. Continue reading

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Some Questions Related To Muslims And India

By Nasiruddin Haider Khan

By writing this I am taking the risk of being labeled by my friends. Some will try to put me into one stereotype mould or another. This is a risk worth taking for the questions that I have on my mind.

After every bomb blast or terrorist incident, security “experts,� analysts and media channels repeat similar things that people accept as the gospel truth. However, I have many questions and doubts that need to be cleared before I can accept the explanations given by these “experts.� Maybe these are not questions. Maybe I am just curious or have some doubts in my mind.

Q1. Why is it, that even after receiving information about impending bomb blasts, security agencies are unable to stop them? Continue reading

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Inquiry Commission Constituted To Investigate Hyderabad Killings

15 days after five people were killed and several others injured in police firing after the Hyderabad Makkah (Mecca) Masjid blast, the Andhra Pradesh goverment has appointed a Commission of Inquiry to investigate into the events leading to the incident. … Continue reading

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