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Gujarat Carnage: Modi and SIT

In December 2010, a front page headline in a leading daily announced that SIT gives a clean chit to Modi. This was picked up by a large section of the media to hail Modi being the man for progress of Gujarat. The industrialist’s chorus for Modi the potential Prime minster is on from last quit some time. The Tehelka scoop (5th February 2011) clearly shows that the newspaper headline was a concoction. In the case of headline ‘SIT gives a clean chit to Modi’, the same perception was boosted that it is the minorities and social activists who are the cause of trouble. The social perceptions are very crucial in making the criminals of the of the ilk of Modi to rule with iron hand to and to keep getting re-elected despite having a huge stock of skeletons in the cupboard, despite there being blood on his hands. Continue reading

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No match to Narendra Modi’s Muslim obsession

The Muslim obsession of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi continues even eight-and-a-half years after the communal riots of February-April 2002. In the past he used expressions like Mian and not General before President Musharraf of Pakistan, during the recent election for the six civic bodies in Gujarat. Though Indian Muslims have nothing to do with Musharraf, who was the ruler of Pakistan, and Sohrabuddin, who was a gangster, expressions like Mian, which is used to address Muslims, were deliberately used to tease them and consolidate the Hindu votebank. However, of late Modi has been trying to improve his image and during the recent election for six Municipal Corporations the BJP floated the name of Abdullah Ibrahim Saiyad, a retired IPS for the post of Mayor of Ahmedabad. But not surprisingly the said man, a former Additional Director General of Police, lost from his own seat of Sarkhej in Ahmedabad and thus Modi’s move received a big blow. This notwithstanding the fact that Narendra Modi personally supervised the election of Abdullah Ibrahim Saiyad. Continue reading

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Narendra Modi: Travails Of Travel Abroad

A group of German MPs justified the denial of visa to Modi.One member of delegation pointed out that he was shocked by parallels between Germany under Hitler and Gujarat under Modi.Who will know it better than Germans who have suffered the political tragedy of fascism for bad many years? Modi’s point that he is an elected person again matches so well with Hitler. Continue reading

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Mr. Modi And The Ghosts Of Gujarat 2002

History has a peculiar knack of catching up with its characters. On March 27th India’s history will catch up with its most pernicious of politicians. In the company of three thousand invisible yet tangible ghosts, Narendra Modi will undergo a scrutiny of his deeds. His acts of commission and importantly his impotence of omission, everything will go under the scanner. And all this in the presence of those to whom he owes an explanation. Continue reading

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Amitabh Bachchan Cosying Up With Modi, Risking His Own Image

Amitabh Bachchan’s recent visit to Gujarat and his praise for the state Chief Minister Narendra Modi are both surprising and dismaying, especially, for the clan of people which he hails from. Is it a confused move of his that he applauds a person like Modi, or is it a kind of ‘tasting the water’ theory? Continue reading

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India Votes: Amplifying Advani Logic

A leader is one who leads by example and does not follow in the footsteps of his disciples but LK Advani, country’s eager Prime Minister-in-waiting, is an exceptional political entity. He is blindly advocating a theory originally propagated by the notorious Narendra Modi. Continue reading

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Capitalism In A Box

Industry leaders like Anil Ambani and Sunil Mittal have hailed Gujarat CM Narendra Modi as a development icon ready to be the prime minister of India. Critics have compared the situation with the capitalism’s role in the growth of Nazi Germany. Continue reading

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Delhi Blasts, Time To Go Beyond Condemnations

The Indian government needs to move beyond the generic condemnation of terrorist attacks. Continue reading

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US State Department Confirms Modi Will Not Be Given Visa

Taking note of his role in the 2002 Gujarat violence, Narendra Modi has been denied a visa by the US State Department – again. Continue reading

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Bilkis Bano: The Face of Courage

Bilkis Bano by her grit and determination has shown the real face of courage. Continue reading

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