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Who Is A Progressive Muslim?

A progressive Muslim is one who is firmly grounded in the Qur’anic values of truth (haq), justice (‘adl), compassion (rahmah), wisdom (hikmah) and does service to others rather than being served by others. A progressive Muslim does not believe in sectarian Islam (sunni or shi’ah or Isma’ili or Deobandi or Barelvi or ahl-e-hadith or salafi Islam but rises above all these sects and gives importance to Qur’an above everything else. A progressive Muslim is least influenced by personal prejudices and always gives more importance to knowledge than his opinion. Qur’an condemns prejudiced opinion (zan) and promotes knowledge (‘ilm). lso a progressive Muslim celebrates diversity as diversity is creation of Allah and if Allah desired He could have made entire humanity one community. (5:48). The Qur’an also says, “And of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your tongues and colours. Surely there are signs in this for the learned.”

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Am Not An Expert On Minority Affairs, Al-hamdu lillah

Thanks to God Almighty, I don’t have the latest data on Indian Muslims. I don’t have the statistics about each constituency and the population of Muslims in it. I do not have the data about the Muslim MPs and MLAs who have fought and won or lost elections so far. I don’t know which constituencies witnessed the splitting or non-splitting of their votes and how and why. Praise be to Allah that I don’t know which place can I get these and many more data from. I don’t know which places I should contact for the most reliable database on Indian Muslims. Al-hamdu lillah I don’t know the individuals who are an authority on this subject and whom I should never seek any information from. Luckily I am not sure about the total budget earmarked by the Government for the development of minorities and am not able to organize any conventions for protesting against the unutilized budgetary allocations. Continue reading

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No Head-I-win-tail-you-lose Situation For Muslims

The campaign to wipe out the last Muslim Empire, (which had Germany as an ally), ended in disaster and the Allied forces had to retreat yet the West still recalls the day. It caused, according to one estimate, 1.25 lakh casualties. Western tourists make it a point to visit the place. So they do not only celebrate their victories but also make a serious introspection of what led to their defeat,and that too even 95 years later. Take the case of Muslims, especially of the Indian sub-continent. They tend to learn nothing or very little from reverses. They just believe in glorifying their past and are seldom prepared to re-assess historic mistakes, committed advertently or inadvertently. These Muslims seem to have no time to examine that by their action, some of them inadvertently, drive many non-Muslims or even ‘non-practising Muslims’ further away from Islam. Continue reading

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Muslim History Of Gujarat

Muslim history of Gujarat does not begin with the establishment of Ahmedabad. In fact, Muslims were already in Gujarat for 600 years before Allauddin Khilji’s army appeared in this region in 1297. Just like Muslims arrival in Malabar in Kerala, as soon as Islam began spreading in Arabian Peninsula, Muslims began to make their presence felt in the coastal region of Gujarat. The first Muslim foray into Gujarat appears to be in 15 hijri or the year 635 CE when governor of Bahrain sent an expedition to Thana and Bhaurch. The contact with Muslim continued for several centuries in the form of raid, trade, and migration. After Sindh, it is Gujarat where the first Muslim rule was established in Indian sub-continent. Sanjan, a small town on the coast saw the establishment of an independent principality. Historigrapher Abul Hasan Ali Masudi wrote that Muslim led honourable life under Hindu kings and they had built a number of mosques where regular prayers were offered. Continue reading

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Selective Justice For Muslim Religious Places In Delhi

Delhi govt. officials accompanied by 500 armed police personnel and DDA demolition squad and equipments reached a Hindu dominated locality Jangpura-B to demolish a small Mosque in this area known as Masjid Noor. Rule of law has been implemented and “illegal structure” (Noor Mosque) on Delhi Govt. land has been done away with. The Delhi High Court four years back ordered the Delhi state govt to stop illegal cutting of Dargah Panch Peer trees behind the Prime Ministers of India’s residence. What happened? Despite running from pillar to post the Dargah land was captured by Association of Retired Civil Servants for constructing Civil Servants Club. Today the dargah has been wired within 250 yards by area SHO. The green belt has been reduced to stones. On 9 acres of Dargah land worth at least 20,000 Crores the three storied Club building has almost finished its construction. This writer approached everyone from PM to Sonia to Urdu Media, Muslim leaders, Muslim ministers and MPs but till date nothing has happened despite the High Court orders in favour of the Dargah. Continue reading

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What Makes the Muslims Angry: Analysing the Causes that Foster Fundamentalism

“Throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.” —Barack Obama, 44th President of USA THE year 1979 holds special importance. It was the year that saw two significant happenings in the … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Guide To Uplift Minorities

The empowerment of Muslim community in India has become a major issue of debate ever since the famous Sachar Committee submitted its report, within both the circles: Government as well as Community. The main reasons of backwardness of Muslim community in India are also two fold: first and foremost is government’s apathy towards the empowerment of the community and second, the lack of proper community initiatives itself. Much can be said about the government’s apathy towards the upliftment of the Muslim community. However, it would not be unfair to say that even the community has failed to tap the resources available for its development. The reason can be attributed to lack of information about the schemes, organisational setup and trained human resource, etc. Continue reading

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Indian Republic At 60- Am I Indian First Or Muslim First?

It’s like seeking answer to; are you child of your father first or your mother first? The answer is both. I am born in India and I am an Indian and it’s a geographical term. I am born in Islamic faith and so I am a Muslim, and it’s a religious term. I am an “Indian Muslim” is the short answer. Continue reading

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Tackling Terrorism: A Call To Hindu And Muslim Religious Leaders

Time has come for both Muslim as well as Hindu religious leaders to stand up and raise their voice against terrorism and promote communal harmony. Continue reading

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Whither India: Qualitative Change In Polity

In view of the recent anti-Christian violence in Orissa and Bangalore, it is important to understand the roots of the problem. Continue reading

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