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Begum Roquia: the first Indian woman sci-fi writer

Sultana’s Dream a science-fiction was first published in 1905 making it probably the first Indian sci-fi work. It is a short story written by Roquia Sakhawat Hussain. Begum Roquia was born in 1880 at Rangpur which is now in Bangladesh. … Continue reading

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Islam And Muslim Women’s Social Roles

It must be admitted that the attitude of Muslim religious circles towards women and women’s issues is influenced less by Islam and shariah norms than by other factors, among these being a marked reaction to the perceived widespread immorality in the West as a result of the free intermingling of sexes in Western societies. While in the West women have made important gains in several respects, it cannot be denied that in the name of women’s liberation and freedom they have been turned into sexual beings and commodities. Continue reading

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Muslim Women Education In Kerala: My Mom And I, Then And Now

The change is also attributed to the change of perception of women about themselves. The girls understood the real value of education. The parents, most of them illiterate, began to think that their daughter should get the advantage they were deprived of.Like men, women also have an idea about their future life. They also have planned for their life. Continue reading

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Muslim Women And Change

Media, which is interested in sensationalizing issues, refuses to highlight Muslim women’s achievements and continues to portray them as submissive to traditional authorities and meekly accepting their situation. This image of Muslim women has to change and reality, which is much more complex, has to be understood. Continue reading

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The Mystery Of Missing Muslim Female Rulers

When Benazir Bhutto became Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1988, her opponents decried the event as un-Islamic and “against nature,” adding that “no woman had ever governed a Muslim state between 622 and 1988.” However, research of Moroccan author and sociologist Fatima Mernissi tell us that there were at least seventeen Muslim queens between the eleventh and seventeenth centuries. Continue reading

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Muslim Women: The Dangerous Triangle

The communication divide between the Ulema and the Muslim women only adds to the problems of the latter. Continue reading

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SEWA – The Abodana for Muslim Women

Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) is helping poor Muslim women to earn a livelihood. Continue reading

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Quran, Hadith And Women

To move ahead on women issues we need a reliance on Quran more than on Hadiths. Continue reading

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Standing Alone In Mecca – Review By Sadia Dehlvi

Sadia Dehlvi recently reviewed the captioned book for the weekly Outlook. The author of this book is Asra Nomani whose life story is quite fascinating. In a charming personal narrative, Nomani navigates through a crisis of faith brought upon by … Continue reading

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