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Remembering 26/11

A government is as good and as responsible as its citizens. MJ Akbar recently wrote, “The politician will only be as resolute as the citizen, and our sensitivities have been dulled by a culture of complacence.” If we want a more secure India – we have to be a part of it. Our response to terrorism can’t be piecemeal. We need to fix the system. If we uncover some unsavory truths along the way – let it be. But never again. Continue reading

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After Malegaon, Hubli

With the arrest of Nagaraj Jambagi for his involvement in the Hubli blast, yet another revelation of activists belonging to Sangh Parivar and its off-shoot organizations in various terrorist incidences over years has come to light. It is definitely a cause for alarm. Continue reading

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Sorry Sakina, My Friend, For Letting You Down

Some in India take it as a right to decide who has to be included and who has to be excluded, and their prejudices towards Muslims showcases this. Continue reading

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Vinaash Kale Vipreet Budhi

Bharat Karnad, a Professor at Council of Policy Research (CPR) India, calls for “overt and covert policing of the minority community in India” to address the issue of terrorism. It seems a classic case of vinaash kaale, vipreet buddhi. Continue reading

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Lies of the Lashkar

The terrorist’s claim of being an Indian Muslim was a blatant lie to create more trouble among Hindus and Muslims Continue reading

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Muslims Too Silent About Mumbai

It is time that every porous passage from Algeria, Egypt, and Morocco to Spain, Afghanistan, and Pakistan is permanently sealed, caves are blown, supply of food and fuel is cut, mules are slaughtered, and their blood is used to inscribe: Terrorists rot in hell! Continue reading

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Mumbai Carnage, Wish It Was The Last Horror!

The only effective way to remove the cancer of terrorism is to leave the hubris of the 20th century behind, ushering a new peaceful and just millennium by adhering to the International Charter of Human Rights and strengthening the United Nations. Continue reading

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Hindu Zionists Behind Mumbai Attacks – Zaid Hamid

A TV channel in Pakistan comes up with their own conspiracy theory behind the Mumbai attacks claiming that Hindi “Zionists” are behind the attacks. Continue reading

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Bombay: You Mourn, I Mourn With You!

Dr. Abdul Majeed Azad writes a poignant poem to remember the victims of the terror attacks on Mumbai in which almost 200 innocent people lost their lives. Continue reading

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O My Country

It is an attack on our country and we need to stand One whatever be our differences Continue reading

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