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India After Gandhi

A review of Ramachandra Guha’s book “India After Gandhi: The history of the world’s largest democracy”. Continue reading

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Terrorism and Gandhian Non-Violence

Violence is violence by whatever name we call it. Wars until twentieth century were representative of aggressive invasions by some countries against the other, or some nations against other nations. However, terrorist violence has two characteristics: one, it is not frontal war (but not guerilla war either) and two, it is more of a reactive violence. The concept of non-violence has been there for centuries as all spiritual thinkers, Prophets, Rishi and Munis have emphasized it but it was Gandhi in twentieth century who practically and creatively applied for freedom of the country. Can we then say violence-free world is just a dream? In a sense yes but not quite so. One must dream a dream but one also needs an activist like Gandhi with creative thinking and practical application. Should we wait for another Gandhi? It will be our weakness to wait for one. We need collective value-based thinking. Continue reading

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We Are The New ‘Coolies’

When I was denied to board the flight to Toronto at the Heathrow airport I was reminded of Gandhi in South Africa who was pushed off the train. Continue reading

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Life On Earth Possible, But Not Safe!

Lessons of peace and non-violence should be learned and re-learned to save humanity. It is important to think about these while celebrating the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.
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50th Death Anniversary Of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Remembering Maulana Abul Kalam Azad on his 50th death anniversary. Continue reading

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Why Celebrate only ‘The Mahatma?’

Few days back on the occassion of Gandhi Jayanti a friend of mine wrote this on a forum: I wonder, was this the only guy who got us free from the british rule ? why not we celebrate the birthday … Continue reading

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