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Politics Of Identity And Intolerance

A satirical piece on plans for a grand Shivaji statue results into an attack on the house of journalist, Kumar Ketkar. Continue reading

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Abusing Shivaji For Sectarian Goals

Was Shivaji as intolerant and sectarian as his followers have made him out to be? Continue reading

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Whither Justice – Trajectory Of Srikrishna Report

Victims of Bombay riots of 1993 await for justice after 14 years. Continue reading

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Bilkis Bano: The Face of Courage

Bilkis Bano by her grit and determination has shown the real face of courage. Continue reading

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Malegaon Civic Elections: Surprise Or No Surprise?

Malegaon, also known as the Manchester of Maharastra because of its powerlooms and textile based economy, was rocked by bomb blasts last September in which more than 30 innocent lives were lost. More than 300 people were injured and as … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Black Friday

Black Friday is a powerful movie. It is based on a book by S Hussain Zaidi and explores the story behind the Mumbai (then Bombay) blasts of 12 March 1993. The movie was well received by the critics but didn’t … Continue reading

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Why Bal Thackeray Is Angry?

Bal Thackeray is an angry old man. He has been out of power for more than 7 years in Maharastra, his party is in disarray, his trusted lieutenants have left him, his own nephew revolted against his authority. And he … Continue reading

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Is India’s English Media Communal?

GHULAM MUHAMMED Four culprits with non-Muslim names were arrested near Andheri Railway Station, in suburban Mumbai, selling RDX explosives, apparently ‘stolen from Military base’ at Devlali. Since Gujarat communal riots, which is commonly believed to be whipped up by Hindutva … Continue reading

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Yoga Class: Anti-Muslim Propaganda, No To Namaaz

Forty newly-appointed teachers were sent for Yoga training at Matoshri Upasna Vidyapith at Kharodi (Mumbai) by the Municipal Education department. Out of 40, 12 were Muslim teachers who were shown a Video CD during camp. The CD contained extremely objectionable … Continue reading

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Mumbai Blasts, Terrorism, And The World We Live In

Second time in our life time Bombay, also known as Mumbai, has been hit by coordinated serial bombing. Mumbai blast of 1993 was terrible and what we have here is even more scaring. Though the number of fatalities, as of … Continue reading

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