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India Votes: What Are The Issues Of Indian Muslims As Elections Approach?

As another election to the parliament in India approaches, the question comes up “What are Indian Muslims Thinking? What are the issues on the basis of which they will vote for various parties? Are their issues the same as those of other Indians or do they have some distinct issues of their own? Continue reading

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Indian Muslims – Where Have They Gone Wrong?

A review of the book “Indian Muslims – Where Have They Gone Wrong?” by the eminent Muslim writer Dr Rafiq Zakaria. Continue reading

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Vinaash Kale Vipreet Budhi

Bharat Karnad, a Professor at Council of Policy Research (CPR) India, calls for “overt and covert policing of the minority community in India” to address the issue of terrorism. It seems a classic case of vinaash kaale, vipreet buddhi. Continue reading

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5 Things Muslims Should Have Done!

A muslim in India, has the same responsibility to protect his country as any other citizen. Not burying the terrorists is not good enough. A list of 5 things Indian Muslims should have done after the Mumbai attacks. Continue reading

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Who Shrunk The Muslim Intelligentsia?

Clerics are generally seen to be the representative Indian Muslim leaders. Is that really the case? Continue reading

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CK Jaffer Sharief – A Resigned Man

The drama surrounding CK Jaffer Sharief’s resignation. Continue reading

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Should Clerics Dominate The Nation’s Muslim Leadership?

Why the Indian Muslim is dominated by the clerics and should it continue? Continue reading

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Indian Muslim Organizations And Leadership Disputes

Frequent infighting and split among Indian Muslim organizations are harming the community. Continue reading

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Join The Struggle

If you have not watched the movie “Garam Hawa” I will say that you don’t read this post any further because it may spoil the movie for you. I would highly recommend this to any one to understand the situation … Continue reading

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Malegaon Civic Elections: Surprise Or No Surprise?

Malegaon, also known as the Manchester of Maharastra because of its powerlooms and textile based economy, was rocked by bomb blasts last September in which more than 30 innocent lives were lost. More than 300 people were injured and as … Continue reading

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