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Kashmir: Unending Conflict, What Is The Way Out?

It is not that people of Kashmir are really anti-India and want to opt for Pakistan. The recent U.K. think tank survey also established that not more than 4 per cent Kashmiri want to align with Pakistan. They have their own aspirations and problems which must be addressed which are not being addressed and, to the contrary, bullets are fired at them. Thus to solve Kashmir problem internally what is needed is a measure of negotiated autonomy, economic development, greater recruitment of Kashmiri youth in and outside Kashmir including Central Government jobs which will give them greater sense of belonging to India. Continue reading

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Kashmiriyat Revisited

This 18th June, Friday (2010), nearly thousands of Kashmiri pandits, including women and children, visited the temple of Mata Kheer Bhavani in Tullamula, 20 Kilometers from Shrinagar. There was a big congregation of local Muslims who greeted the visiting pandits with cold drinks and Kheer. The local Muslims and the ministers said that all concerned should work for return of Pandits to the valley, as Kashmiiryat is incomplete without the pandits, who are integral part of the Kashmir’s culture and life. Many a pandits also promised to work towards such a goal, to over come the divides created by the militant and political forces. Continue reading

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Basera-e-Tabassum (Kashmir)

I visited Basera-e-Tabassum in June in Kashmir. In conventional terms one would describe it as an orphanage, but I felt like a city girl visiting a long lost family in a native. It is a place for girl orphans, whose parents have been victims of the terrorism. Continue reading

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Dal Lake – Heaven’s End

Dal Lake. The green blanket has been replaced by a canopy of tinned roofs – coloured, patchy, rusty, hideous. The Dal might still be there somewhere. But tomorrow? 75 square kilometers some centuries back. 25 a few decades back. And barely 12 today. This Dal! Continue reading

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The Message Of Jammu & Kashmir Elections

These elections have thrown up an invaluable political opportunity to move towards a permanent political resolution of the Kashmir issue. It is hoped that the new coalition government in J& K – with support from New Delhi – would chart a new course towards peace, stability and prosperity. Continue reading

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Another Sonrise

Omar Abdullah is slated to be the chief minister of Jammu & Kashmir. It is never going to be easy. I just hope he proves to be the exorcist we badly need to stave off our past ghosts, who still haunt us, from time to time. Continue reading

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J&K 2008 Polls: The Death of Kashmiri Nationalism?

Despite some incidences of forced voting Kashmiri voters that came out to vote did so on their own volition. However to interpret this as a sign that Kashmiri nationalism itself has lost public support makes little sense. Continue reading

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A Letter To The Last Standing Terrorist

Terrorists claiming to be fighting for the religion and its followers are causing much more damage to both the religion and the followers than anyone else could ever do. However, the idea of India has survived over time and it will do so this time too. Continue reading

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Kashmir Protests In Pictures

A photo essay of mass rally in Srinagar addressed by Kashmiri leaders and attended by tens of thousands of people. Continue reading

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Jammu In Flames And Kashmir Blockaded: And All About A Block Of Ice

The functioning of Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) established in 2001 raises many questions. Continue reading

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