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A Different Jihad

Those who are serving humanity in different ways by promoting a morally clean and non-corrupt society, are real mujahids. It is for this reason that the word jihad was interpreted differently by different sections of society. For rulers and political class it meant war and conquests to expand Islamic rule, for Sufis it meant to conquer ones own desires and greed and for theological class it meant efforts to enforce shari’ah law and to mould ones behaviour within shar’i limits (hudud). Coming back to root meaning of jihad i.e. to strive for good of the society and for enhancing welfare of humanity as a whole, today one of the best ways of waging jihad would be to struggle and strive for saving our earth and its environment. Continue reading

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The Jihad For Our Times

‘Jihad’ is a term that has many different shades of meaning. It refers to all efforts, undertaken to the limits of one capacity, for any noble purpose. Fighting against external enemies is only one form of jihad, for which the term qital is used in the Quran. Truly speaking, it could be said that qital is just an exceptional form of jihad, and not the rule. Qital, or armed jihad, is permissible only in defence, in the face of aggression on the part of an enemy. Continue reading

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India Is Darul Aman, Mr. Singhal

Let me once again reiterate for Shri Singhal that Muslims and other minorities have always considered India as Darul Aman and all of them have strong sense of loyalty to this great country which is their only homeland. They would never dither from this position. Continue reading

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Price Of An Indo-Pak War

In the after-effect of Mumbai terror attacks, while India and Pakistan seem to sit at the threshold of a possible war and hawks in both the countries talk of ‘final battle’ terrorists thrive on the growing conflict between the two nations. Continue reading

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Compassion In Islam – Theology And History

Islam is generally associated with Jihad. But it is more due to its history than its theology. It is interesting to note that while jihad in Islam is more historical than theological, compassion, on the other hand, is more theological than historical. Continue reading

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Taqlid, Ijtihad And Democracy

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan argues that the reason for the backwardness of present-day Muslim thought is the refusal to engage in ijtihad, to come out of the boundaries of the established corpus of fiqh and to gain guidance directly from the Quran and Hadith. Continue reading

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Jihad? But What About Other Verses In Qur’an?

Some Muslim terrorists are using Quranic verses on jihad to lend legitimacy to their inhuman terrorist attacks while disregarding all the other Quranic injunctions against their actions. Continue reading

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The Concept Of Jihad In Islam

The concept of Jihad has been maligned much by the actions of terrorists invoking the concept for their inhuman actions. However, true essence of Jihad is struggle with one’s self, not with others. Continue reading

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The Role Of Madrasas In Inter-Faith Dialogue

Madrasas being centers of Islamic learning should take an active interest in inter-faith community discussions and counter the misinformation propagated by some quarters. Continue reading

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Ahmedabad And Bangalore Blasts – Combating Terrorism

Lessons to be learnt from the recent bomb blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. Continue reading

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