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Islam in India- a movie

Muslims in India are as diverse as India herself. Islam in India – a movie in two parts by Prashun Bhaumik.

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Closer Look: Osama Bin Laden

By Kashif-ul-Huda, TwoCircles.net, Whosoever killeth a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he … Continue reading

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Islam Is Not Just “Rituals”

Of course namaz and fasting are important institutions in Islam and their performance is a farz on the Muslims. But should they be treated as mere rituals? Or is there a wider meaning to them? Unfortunately, the JUH pronouncements seem to reinforce the centuries old ritualistic notion that restricts Islam to a mere belief in “five pillars” namely, faith in Allah and Prophet Muhammad, the five times prayers, the Ramazan fasting, the Hajj and the concept of Zakat. Identity markers such as a long beard for men and the hijab or burqa for women also form part of this superficial characterisation. The question is: could this have been the concept of Islam that was propagated by our beloved Prophet? Islam is actually a system of moral and legal codes which proposes to regulate society on the universal principles (termed maroof by the Quran) of justice, fairness and equity through the institutions of prayers (salaat or namaz), fasting (saum), Hajj and zakat (compulsory tax). Continue reading

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David Cameron Was Right On “Islamist” Extremism

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech against “Islamist extremism” delivered recently at a security conference in Munich sparked an unnecessary controversy in the U.K., particularly among Muslims. Their reaction was perhaps based on newspaper reports which sensationalised the issue – maybe to capture the attention of Western audiences – by saying that Mr. Cameron wanted Muslims to adopt British values. There was nothing in his speech that extolled the supremacy of Western values over Islamic values. To be fair to Mr. Cameron he took pains to distinguish “Islamist extremism” from Islam which he called a peaceful religion. And he attacked European “right-wing fascist” parties saying that they were fuelling Islamophobia by seeking the forcible expatriation of Muslims and a ban on their mosques. Continue reading

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Islam, Family and Modernity

According to Islamic teachings, sex is permissible only within the institution of marriage as sex only for pleasure, is not permissible; sex is basically meant for raising family. Today in western countries, people do not want to take responsibility for raising family but want to have sex for pleasure and hence ‘live-in’ arrangement has come into vogue and this concept of live-in has dealt great blow to the institution of family. In this arrangement both man and woman can walk away any time they like. Every attempt is made to avoid begetting children and, if at all, children are born, the whole responsibility will come on a single parent, especially on mother. The result is man tries to have multiple partners to enjoy sex and woman is burdened with children and faces psychological stresses and strain. Continue reading

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Why Ummah Wahidah Remains Only An Emotional Slogan

For last fourteen hundred years we have heard a slogan one Allah, one Prophet and one Qur’an and so all Muslims should unite and constitute one ummah. Also, interestingly enough our ulama narrate a hadith from Prophet (PBUH) that “my ummah will be divided into 72 sects and only one of them will be naji i.e. will achieve liberation and others will be doomed”. The present political climate in the Muslim world is further sharpening these differences. That is why one ummah has become an empty slogan. What is worse every effort to unite results in further division.We may not be able to overcome our differences resulting in complete unity of ummah but certainly we can work out strategies to reacts un-emotionally and more intellectually so as to project a peaceful and dignified image of Islam. It will greatly enhance respect for Islam and Muslims in the world. Continue reading

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What Makes the Muslims Angry: Analysing the Causes that Foster Fundamentalism

“Throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.” —Barack Obama, 44th President of USA THE year 1979 holds special importance. It was the year that saw two significant happenings in the … Continue reading

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Gandhiji And The Prophet (PBUH)

This imaginary dialogue between Gandhiji and the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) is to clarify many misunderstandings which are being spread about Islam and Muslims. My mission in life is to promote peace and inter-religious understanding and to struggle against religious fanaticism and extremism. As I have deep conviction about teachings of Islam, I am also great admirer of Gandhiji and his philosophy of non-violence. (A.E.) Continue reading

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Fuel & Engine

Spirituality is a force. It is energy. It takes one through the thick and thin. It gives one a much desired direction and purpose behind ALL his efforts. Bereft of it, one is directionless. Islam and Qur’an provide this energy and this force. They propel our cart in the right direction. They are like the much desired fuel for the much needed engine of life. But some of us have only fuel with them. Others have only the engine and not the fuel. The fuel alone isn’t moving. The engine is devoid of energy and it is not taking us on the highway of success, honor and positive contribution. Continue reading

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Can Islam And Secularism Dialogue With Each Other?

It is an undeniable fact that Muslim religious leaders have grossly misunderstood the meaning of secularism in its true sense. They see secularism as wholly opposed to religion. It simply means that the state follows a policy of non-interference in the religious affairs of all its citizens. A vital basis for dialogue between Islam and secularism, and evidence that such dialogue is indeed acceptable in terms of theshariah, is the polity established in Medina by the Prophet. The Constitution of this polity was, in a sense, based on the same princples that secularism is founded on—equality and respect for the religious freedom of all communities. Continue reading

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