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The Spirit of Independence

I wish I could go back in time to the dawn of 15th August 1947, and feel the first rays in an independent India. Sixty four years later we seem to have taken our independence for granted. Heroes of the freedom struggle have given way to corrupt politicians. Security has never been worse. Rising prices of commodities have affected almost every Indian. The country has produced more billionaires during the last decade than all the previous put together but the poverty ratio has not changed. This is surely not the vision of our founding fathers! Continue reading

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Wikileaks Has Plugged Few Holes For Indian Muslims

Wikileaks leaked cables have brought discomfort to Congress and BJP. But surprisingly a few leaked cables have brought relief to Indian Muslims. “India’s over 150 million Muslim population is largely unattracted to extremism. Separatism and religious extremism have little appeal to Indian Muslims, and the overwhelming majority espouse moderate doctrines.” USA was convinced about Indian Muslim rejection of terrorism but Indian leaders and media were not. We never heard these encouraging words from Indian leaders or even intellectuals. None of them came out and vouched for Muslim’s integrity. Muslims were left to fight these twin battles all alone, one was to counter the propaganda and other to isolate extremist element in the community. Continue reading

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Abolishing Our Existing Thought Patterns

The separation between deen and duniya is so deep that those who seemingly don’t believe in it and apparently understand the all-permeating spirit of Islam they, too, keep dividing the two. We are motivated to guide the humanity without speaking its language. And we don’t see the anomaly. We want to groom leaders for the world. And we disregard the laws of nature. We are waiting for our important tasks to be performed somehow miraculously. We want to heal the patient without the slightest pain. We defy the laws of nature and despise the West that utilizes the laws of nature for its benefit. It is not enough to see a madrasah graduate as a university teacher or as a professional worker in an industry etc. We need to get more than that. We need to get the wealth of ideas. We need to get the topmost people from among Muslims in all walks of life. At some point of time we will have to do away with the duality of knowledge. Continue reading

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Indian Muslims – Problems And Voting Pattern

Before the Left Front came to power in West Bengal, it was communally very sensitive state and number of riots had been taking place since, of course, 1947. Bihar too witnessed great deal of communal violence until 1990. But when Lalu Prasad used MY (Muslim-Yadav) formula for winning elections he too showed determination to put a stop to communal violence in Bihar and for 15 years that he lasted in power, he did not allow Bihar to witness communal frenzy. But after 15 years Muslims deserted him and voted for Nitish Kumar. Lalu Prasad was de-throned. After experiencing security, they want problem of poverty, illiteracy and unemployment to be addressed and that comes to be prioritized. Same thing happened to an extent with Mulayamsingh Yadav in U.P. too. Continue reading

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Response To A Pakistani View Of Indian Muslims

Dubai-based Pakistani writer Rabia Alavi in a column in Khaleej Times on 1 March 2009 charges that Indian Muslims are hell-bent on portraying Pakistan as a terrorist hub. However, the entire world is now witness for what really Pakistan stands for. Danish Ahmad Khan responds to Rabia Alavi’s article. Continue reading

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New Theme, Some Changes

As you might have noticed we have changed the website theme. We have also dropped the blog from the name as it was getting increasingly redundant. The new theme is a work in progress and we will continue adding features to it to make browsing and commenting easy and fun for the readers. Continue reading

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The Joy And Pain Of Being An Indian Muslim

It makes Indian Muslims proud to see their country become one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world. However it them to find that most Muslims continue to be marginalized and stereotyped in India and often suspect in their nationalism. Continue reading

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That Sense of Insecurity

Muslim Indians are insecure because we face threats from all nooks and corners. We face insecurity in terms of employment, we face insecurity in terms of civil rights and codes, we face insecurity in terms of our beliefs and the edifice of our beliefs, we face insecurity in terms of our material possessions, and we face insecurity in terms of existence. Continue reading

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Indian Muslims Blog – Best Of 2008

37 selected articles posted at Indian Muslims Blog during the year 2008. Categories include Book Review, Culture, Issues, Indian Islam, Islam, Movies, Photo Features, Report, Society, Terrorism, and World. Continue reading

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We Are Three Now

As IMB enters into its fourth year of operations it recognizes the challenges it faces and feedback on areas of improvement Continue reading

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