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Islam in India- a movie

Muslims in India are as diverse as India herself. Islam in India – a movie in two parts by Prashun Bhaumik.

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The Spirit of Independence

I wish I could go back in time to the dawn of 15th August 1947, and feel the first rays in an independent India. Sixty four years later we seem to have taken our independence for granted. Heroes of the freedom struggle have given way to corrupt politicians. Security has never been worse. Rising prices of commodities have affected almost every Indian. The country has produced more billionaires during the last decade than all the previous put together but the poverty ratio has not changed. This is surely not the vision of our founding fathers! Continue reading

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Adolescent At 60

Democracy would be meaningless until neglected sections of society are empowered through targeted education, economic aid, job quotas and other interventions. Fair play and better participation of all classes of Indians are essential for a just and durable order. Hopefully, our republic will mature within the current decade to eliminate hunger, illiteracy and injustice. Continue reading

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Namaz At India Islamic Cultural Centre

India Islamic Cultural Center (IICC) takes your breath away with its beautiful dome, intricate calligraphy and delicate design. With the objective to “promote understanding among the people of different religion and help the promotion of the cause of national integration,” it has quickly become an important institution. Continue reading

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Flagging TimesNow

When there is no news what a 24/7 news channel got to do? Of course, they are going to make up the news. The role of Times Now TV channel in promoting a story without checking the facts is just irresponsible journalism. Continue reading

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Haven On Earth

The eastern Himalayas is perhaps one of the few places in India where peaceful co-existence among different tribes and faiths continues to prevail inspite of the wave of intolerance and communalization sweeping across the rest of our country. Continue reading

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We Are The New ‘Coolies’

When I was denied to board the flight to Toronto at the Heathrow airport I was reminded of Gandhi in South Africa who was pushed off the train. Continue reading

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The Message Of Jammu & Kashmir Elections

These elections have thrown up an invaluable political opportunity to move towards a permanent political resolution of the Kashmir issue. It is hoped that the new coalition government in J& K – with support from New Delhi – would chart a new course towards peace, stability and prosperity. Continue reading

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Madrasa Reforms And Inter-Faith Dialogue

Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rehmani speaks to Yoginder Sikand on Madrasa reforms, incorporation of English and Science in Madrasa curriculum and role played be Madrasas in interfaith dialogue . Continue reading

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Iqbal, Jinnah And The Lost Glory Of The Muslims Of India

Mohammad Iqbal, Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Abul Kalam Azad were three of the most influential Muslim leaders in the 20th century. A look at how their political philosophies shaped the destiny of millions of Muslims in the Indian sub-continent. Continue reading

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