Photo Essay: Girls Madrasa, Hyderabad

Lakshmi Prabhala

Lakshmi Prabhala is a talented young photographer from the city of Hyderabad. She specialized in portraits and capturing the everyday life of the city. Over a dozen of her works have been published and she was recently featured in the Mumbai edition of Hindustan Times.

In this photo-essay she captures some frames at a Girls Madrasa in the city of Hyderabad.

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Victims Of India’s ‘War On Terror’

Jumma Masjid, AhmedabadIn a development of far-reaching and frightening implications for the stature of the Indian judiciary, Bar Associations in several parts of the country are effectively banning advocates from defending Muslim youth branded as ‘terrorists’, many of them who may well be wrongly accused. A chilling indicator of how deeply-rooted anti-Muslim prejudice has now become. Continue reading Victims Of India’s ‘War On Terror’

Rethinking Islam And Hinduism

S Irfan Habib

There has been a lot of noise about rethinking in Islam, particularly post September 11,2001. I feel it is long overdue and September 11 has just given us a rude shock to get into action. Within India, Godhra and the ensuing Gujarat carnage has added urgency to the question of rethinking, making us conscious of the fact that there is something seriously wrong somewhere. If September 11 and Godhra are the ugly faces of Islam than the burning of Graham Staines and his children and the ongoing Gujarat carnage is the depraved and distorted face of Hinduism. Both are threats to the secular and pluralist fabric of India. Continue reading Rethinking Islam And Hinduism

‘The Message’ Banned in Hyderabad. Why?

The iconic Oscar nominated movie ‘The Message’ has recently been released in India in movie theatres in its Hindi/Urdu dubbed version. But it was the perfect opportunity for the media grabbers to create controversy. MIM has been successful in getting the movie pulled out of theatres in Hyderabad. They claim the movie is ‘anti-Islamic’! Interestingly when I was a kid everyone tried hard to get a copy of the movie and view it on the VCR. The movie is perhaps the only serious attempt on the life of the Holy Prophet. Continue reading ‘The Message’ Banned in Hyderabad. Why?

APJ Abdul Kalam – Address At Madina Public School

APJ Abdul KalamA reader of this blog, KM Raziuddin sent us this inspirational speech by President APJ Abdul Kalam on the occasion of silver jubilee celebrations of Madina Public School in Hyderabad. The address is titled “Indomitable Spirit”. Please visit his official website to keep updated with his recent activities. Continue reading APJ Abdul Kalam – Address At Madina Public School

Mohd Azharuddin – The Rise And Fall Of An Indian Idol

Photo of AzharThe commentrator on the telly said, “Ye naujawan kaafi dinon se bhartiye cricket team ke darwaaze pe dastak de raha tha. Aaj aakhirkaar inko mauqa mil hi gaya.” [Trans: This young man has been knocking on the Indian team door for quite some time. Finally he has got the opportunity!] It was December 31, 1984. The English side was touring India.

Continue reading Mohd Azharuddin – The Rise And Fall Of An Indian Idol

The Last Nizam

Hyderabad as a city, and as an idea, has always inspired and interested me. So while casually roaming around at Walden, when I bumped onto The Last Nizam on display, I knew it would the next book I will complete.

Written by an Australian journalist, John Zubrzycki, the book speaks briefly about the first six, and in a little more detail about the seventh and eighth (also the last) Nizam of the princely and feudal Hyderabad.

It took nine month and a handful of treachery for the mighty Aurangzeb to break through the supremely guarded Golconda, and ransack both the fort and the Kutub Shahi dynasty. Continue reading The Last Nizam

Rediff waali Sheela Maam

I never heard her name before. She is actually a Managing Editor at our darling, I wonder how managing editors rediff has in their ranks but she definitely does deserves a mention here.

To begin with

The three injured, who were taken from the hospital to a police station, were two engineering students from Pune who were at the Lumbini Park and a 25-year-old man identified as Abdullah from Assam who was present at the popular eatery in Kothi.

So you now know that Abdullah’s life will now become a living hell. Why the names of other survivors not mentioned? Needs no clarification because it’s just the prejudiced mindset….I really can’t help.

Continue reading Rediff waali Sheela Maam

Terrorists Strike Again At Hyderabad

Four months after bomb blasts in Mecca Masjid terrorists struck again in Hyderabad in the evening of 25th August at around 7.50 p.m. just when I started to go to Hyderabad airport after conducting workshops on peace and communal harmony and learnt about these blasts on reaching the airport around 8.20 p.m. It was a great shock for me too as I was elated that the youth, students, women and police had greeted these workshops with great enthusiasm. And it had such anti-climax that city witnessed such horrible carnage. I returned a very sad person though a few moments before I was elated at the success. Continue reading Terrorists Strike Again At Hyderabad

Lajja: Taslima Nasreen Assaulted In Hyderabad

Taslima Nasreen ProtestsLet me say this first: I never have had any genuine interaction with Hyderabadi Muslims till a month ago. I have been friends with Hindus from the city who studied at my University but never a Muslim. So the experience of living and interacting with them in the past month or so has been an eye-opener. They are such a nice people with a unique sense of humor. Plus they are great cooks. Hyderabadis nurtured Urdu Ghazal and then taught it to Dilli-wallahs. They were also host to notable Urdu poets when the Mughal court was disbanded in Delhi. Dagh Dehlvi, the great poet and first ustaad of Allama Iqbal, died in Hyderabad after he migrated to the city on the invitation of Nizam. So many other poets and litterateurs were provided space and audience by this city. And as Neha points out, it is a city that does not shouts about its values from roof-tops. The values are just there as part and parcel of their rich culture. So the fact that Taslima Nasreen was assaulted in this very city by a bunch of Muslim politicians is a matter of grave concern for the people of Hyderabad and a threat to their accommodating culture.

Continue reading Lajja: Taslima Nasreen Assaulted In Hyderabad