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Photo Essay: Girls Madrasa, Hyderabad

Lakshmi Prabhala is a talented young photographer from the city of Hyderabad. She specialized in portraits and capturing the everyday life of the city. In this photo-essay she clicks some frames at a Girls Madrasa in the city of Hyderabad. Continue reading

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Victims Of India’s ‘War On Terror’

Lawyers are being threatened with violence and are being forced not to take up cases on behalf of people accused of terrorism. Continue reading

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Rethinking Islam And Hinduism

In this time of heightened tensions between Hindus and Muslims, there is a need to rethink the two religions. Continue reading

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‘The Message’ Banned in Hyderabad. Why?

The iconic movie has been pulled out of theaters in Hyderabad calling it anti-Islamic. Continue reading

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APJ Abdul Kalam – Address At Madina Public School

Text of an inspirational speech given by President APJ Abdul Kalam at Madina Public School, Hyderabad. Continue reading

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Mohd Azharuddin – The Rise And Fall Of An Indian Idol

Accusations on Azhar of match-fixing came as a shock for many fans. Continue reading

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The Last Nizam

Hyderabad as a city, and as an idea, has always inspired and interested me. So while casually roaming around at Walden, when I bumped onto The Last Nizam on display, I knew it would the next book I will complete. … Continue reading

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Rediff waali Sheela Maam

I never heard her name before. She is actually a Managing Editor at our darling, rediff.com. I wonder how managing editors rediff has in their ranks but she definitely does deserves a mention here. To begin with The three injured, … Continue reading

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Terrorists Strike Again At Hyderabad

Four months after bomb blasts in Mecca Masjid terrorists struck again in Hyderabad in the evening of 25th August at around 7.50 p.m. just when I started to go to Hyderabad airport after conducting workshops on peace and communal harmony … Continue reading

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Lajja: Taslima Nasreen Assaulted In Hyderabad

Let me say this first: I never have had any genuine interaction with Hyderabadi Muslims till a month ago. I have been friends with Hindus from the city who studied at my University but never a Muslim. So the experience … Continue reading

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