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A film on the contribution of Indian Muslims

A film produced by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. part 1: Part 2: Part 3:

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Scent in an Islamic Garden

‘Scent is the food of the soul, and the soul is the vehicle of the faculties of man.’ –Hadith attributed to the Prophet of Islam One has heard of literary history, social history, to some extent even economic history culled … Continue reading

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Muslims of Manipur

Recently launched book “Manipuri Muslims: Historical Perspectives 615-2000 CE” authored by Farooque Ahmed, claims that Islam came to Manipur as early as 615 CE. If this is true, then this will place this region at par with Malabar, Sindh, and … Continue reading

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Remembering Babri Masjid

Who had even heard of it? A nondescript little used mosque somewhere in the city of Ayodhya in central India. On 6 Dec 1992, Babri Masjid became the mosque that no one in India would ever forget, a national wound … Continue reading

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Defying the myths: the rational, educated, secular, prosperous suicide bomber

Suicide terrorism. A term that in today’s political climate carries a certain image, like the one depicted to the left. One of irrationality and illiteracy, with fanaticism, religious zeal and 70 virgins promised in heaven for the martyr. Etymology The … Continue reading

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