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Hindutva And The Upcoming Indian Elections

The contrast between 2004 and 2009 is exacerbated by the accidental infamy that Varun Gandhi has gained in the last few days. It points to the fact that it has been left to a hitherto a very minor leader of the party to articulate what the Sadhvi Ritambaras during 1989- 1992 and then Narendra Modi and the late Pramod Mahajan took up later. Continue reading

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India Is Darul Aman, Mr. Singhal

Let me once again reiterate for Shri Singhal that Muslims and other minorities have always considered India as Darul Aman and all of them have strong sense of loyalty to this great country which is their only homeland. They would never dither from this position. Continue reading

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Holy Garb: Profane Agenda

We had saints, who talked against caste system and social evils. We had Kabir, Chokha Mela, Tukaram and the lot who stood for the problems of the poor, and now we have a breed, whose agenda is to undermine the prevalent social evils of dowry, female infanticide, bride burning, atrocities on dalits and Adivasis. Continue reading

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Tackling Terrorism: A Call To Hindu And Muslim Religious Leaders

Time has come for both Muslim as well as Hindu religious leaders to stand up and raise their voice against terrorism and promote communal harmony. Continue reading

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Lies of the Lashkar

The terrorist’s claim of being an Indian Muslim was a blatant lie to create more trouble among Hindus and Muslims Continue reading

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O My Country

It is an attack on our country and we need to stand One whatever be our differences Continue reading

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Terror is Terror is Terror

In an odd reversal of roles the Sangh Parivar is making the same arguments which they had made a classic habit to attack Continue reading

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Journalistic Fascism And Indian Muslims

An extensive interview of Ajit Sahi of Tehelka focusing on role played by Indian media in portraying Indian Muslims as perpetuators of terrorism. Continue reading

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Hindutva Terror: Why?

Arrest of Sadhvi accused of terrorism is an important turn in our history. We need to understand what drives the masterminds and the foot soldiers in order to address the problem. Continue reading

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Manufacturing ‘Terrorists’ The Indian Way

The way government is conducting terrorism investigations might actually be exacerbating the problem. Continue reading

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