Observations on Gujarat

In my short life as a journalist I have made lot of friends and one of those friends is Lucknow based Hindi journalist Nasiruddin Haider Khan. He writes truthfully on what he observes and feels. Recently he was in Gujarat before the polls and wrote four articles about what he observed there.

Below are links to the articles in Hindi, worth reading for two reasons: we tend to think that anything worthwhile can only be written in English, there is lot of quality material available in other Indian languages; secondly, it provides an insight into Gujarati minds and society just before the polls. Continue reading Observations on Gujarat

Travel, Kannada and Untouchability

I was traveling from Bangalore to Kolkata few days ago. On my way, I saw a few things, which I thought I might share.


South India is very sensitive about it’s languages and culture. They feel that the North Indian (Hindi) culture is trying to eat up their culture and language. Sometimes these justifiable concerns are used/expoited wonderfully by southern chauvinists. Because of them, we’ve had a riot when a famous Kannada actor (Rajkumar) died (of old age!). Mob went out and pelted stone at windows, shops and glasses. Because of these same chavinists, all buses in Karnataka have their destination written only in Kannada. A real pain in the neck for who don’t read Kannada Continue reading Travel, Kannada and Untouchability

Sanskrit as the link language?

Dr. Subramanian Swamy while celebrating Hindu Unity Day in US made the following comment:

He also suggested that Sanskrit, not Hindi, to be made the link language of India as it connects Indians to their past.

I have studied Sanskrit for 5 years and studied in Hindi medium school for 10 years and I can safely say that neither are link language of India. Continue reading Sanskrit as the link language?