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Wali Gujarati: Father of Urdu poetry

Wali Gujarati [1667-1707] is considered father of Urdu poetry. While we all know the respect Ghalib paid to Meer few of us know what Meer Taqi Meer said about Wali: Khugar nahin kuch yun hi hum Rekhta-goi kay Mashooq jo … Continue reading

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Helping Terrorists, One House At A Time

Real estate agents and brokers in Surat are initiating an illegal and dangerous move to not to rent out apartments or shops to Muslims in Surat. It is an off-hand response to a complex problem and plays directly into the hands of terrorists. Continue reading

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How Secular Is India Today?

India is called world’s greatest democracy but recent communal incidents and political indifference has put a question mark on its secular identity. Continue reading

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Relief For Gujarat Riot Victims, Justice Still Eludes

Compensation package from the Indian government is not justice, just relief. Continue reading

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Tehelka, Journalists Lead Indians to Redeem Their values

Tehelka, the intrepid news magazine did what the Indian government should have done in the past five years. The nation owes a debt of gratitude to the editor of Tehelka, Tarun Tejpal and reporter Ashish Khetan who took enormous risk … Continue reading

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