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Fatwas: The Big Picture

Fatwas have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Headlines and news reports give readers the impression that muftis who issue these fatwas are working against heavy odds to keep Muslims backward and that most of their energy is spent on keeping women in check. The realty is far from what media, liberal Muslims or even Muslim scholars would like to admit. Most will be surprised to know that the majority of Muslims have never asked for any fatwa in their life. Out of 11 thousands Deoband fatwas online, only 2% are categorized as “Women’s issues.” Journalist and researcher Nasiruddin Haider Khan who has studied Muslim women issues was able to get fatwas against female foeticide, sex selection, and in favor of family planning from many different sources. Continue reading

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Politics Of Fatwa In India

Most of the electronic channels have an impression that by attacking and highlighting the conflicts in the Muslim society they would gain more funds by improving their TRP. The same is the case with the print media. The invented story that a fatwa said that it is “haram and illegal according to Sharia for a family to use a woman’s earning” found prominence in the media. The irony is that the fatwa is available official website of the Islamic seminary of Deoband. When the seminary denied the fake story published by the media, there were few takers for their denial. From the mufti who pronounced the fatwa to the liberal Muslims to media, everybody played a role in damaging the image of Islam and Muslims and used it to further their politico-economic ambitions. Continue reading

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Everybody Loves A Bad Fatwa

A mufti issues a fatwa or opinion based on his understanding of the question and Islam. Just as different medical doctors will have a difference of opinion regarding a diagnosis and treatment plan. At least once every year, on a slow news day, some enterprising journalist finds a fatwa that will fit the stereotype about Muslims being backward or Muslim scholars being ignorant or out of touch with the real world or all of the above reasons, and will publish a news story based on this ‘prized’ fatwa. Continue reading

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A Crisis Of Faith: 20 Years Of Rushdie Fatwa

Unfortunately God doesn’t speak to mankind anymore, otherwise I imagine he would give the same reprimand to those who demand Rushdie’s head. For The Satanic Verses may rightfully be seen as a “religious” book, written not out of contempt for the tradition but out of anguish over it. Continue reading

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Muslims In Introspection Mode

Dialogue within the Muslim community on what form the rightful Islamic traditions has long been overdue. Thankfully, Muslims are now on an alert mode, identifying and rejecting intolerant elements within their own people. Continue reading

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Indian Deobandis Against Terrorism: Reiterating A Historical Tradition

The recent anti-terror rally led by Deoband rather than an exception is a reiteration of a long tradition Continue reading

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Islam, Muslims And Terrorism

Is there anything to the allegation that Islam and terrorism are related? Continue reading

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The Case Of A Missing Fatwa

Is Darul Uloom Deoband right or the Indian Express on a fatwa story? Continue reading

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Deoband: “Terrorism is Un-Islamic”

A path-breaking declaration by 10,000 religious leaders at Deoband should be the starting point of a mature dialogue Continue reading

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Quran, Hadith And Women

To move ahead on women issues we need a reliance on Quran more than on Hadiths. Continue reading

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