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Height Of Absurdity: Take Education Sportingly, But Treat Sports Like War

India has, of late, joined the leading nation of the world in making school education somewhat easy and simple. These steps are largely appreciated as unnecessary pressure on children was wreaking havoc among them and reportedly driving many teenagers to suicide. But may one ask as to what has prompted sports to become more serious than war––not to speak of education. After all games are best form of entertainment and people play or watch them to get relaxed. But, in this age of capitalism sports are causing more tension and rancour not only in the mind of players, but all those involved in it as well as those who watch it in the field or television sets.he corporate bosses, The match-fixers and betting mafia, who actually play the matches without taking to the field, have made the whole business extremely nasty, especially in the sub-continent. Continue reading

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For Educating The Muslims – Muslims Must Take The Lead

Though the noble Qur’an professes the importance of education to the entire humanity, the irony is that beneath the lamp it is always dark. On actual count, due to some unfortunate course of action, Muslims are among the most educationally backward communities in India. A realistic assessment of the situation offers a prompt solution that the community needs rigorous intervention at the school level, rather than college or university level. In order to initiate and sustain such an Educational Revolution there needs to be a movement from the grass roots up to the leadership.A three tier arrangement involving the Muslims masses at the bottom, professional agencies at the middle, and the community leaders on the top will greatly take care of the educational deficiency among Muslims of India. Continue reading

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Indian Muslims Should Emulate Super 30 Model

The Super 30 has provided a direction how a success story could be scripted in the most humble way. Now the onus is on members of the Muslim community to take this idea forward and replicate it for uplifting the not so privileged members of their faith. This they can do through professional approach and with utmost resolve and commitment and dedication to the cause. Continue reading

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Mewat Witnessing A Great Educational Revolution

Despite its proximity to Delhi, Gurgaon and Jaipur, Mewat is one of the most impoverished regions in northern India. Lack of education in Meos was wide spread but now young Meos are striving for ‘modern’ education. Dozens of ‘modern’ schools run by Meos have mushroomed all over Mewat. Increasing number of girls are enrolling in these and in government-run schools and many ulema are on the forefront of promoting ‘modern’, in addition to religious education among the Meos.
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Rahmani-30: A school Of Hope

Rahmani-30 is set up on the pattern of Bihar Super-30 which is a successful experiment to pick and train 30 students from poor economic background and prepare them for entrance exam of famous Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Abhayanand, a senior police officer of Super-30 fame helped Maulana Wali Rahmani establish Rahmani-30. Continue reading

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Why Do Vice-Chancellors Fail At Aligarh Muslim University?

If we look at the tenures of Vice Chancellors (VCs) at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in the last couple of decades we find that most of them, even though they were distinguished and competent managers, ran into substantial problems. What might be the reason behind this? Continue reading

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Let The Educated Class Come Forward

Responsibility of Muslim education and development lies on the shoulders of Muslim intelligentsia. Continue reading

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Muslims Should Adopt Advocacy Instead Of Protests

Instead of protesting, Muslims should adopt advocacy methods to alleviate problems. Continue reading

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My Travels to Delhi

Delhi’s present day chaos cannot belittle its grand past, which created a civilisation and shaped the contours of Indo-Muslim identity Continue reading

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Should Clerics Dominate The Nation’s Muslim Leadership?

Why the Indian Muslim is dominated by the clerics and should it continue? Continue reading

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