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Between ‘Minorityism’ and Minority Rights: Analysis of post-Sachar strategies

‘Minorityism’ of the state implies, privileging questions of culture and identity over and above everyday issues of survival. Intrinsic to ‘minorityism’ is also the occasional showers of sops that make no remarkable impact on the living conditions of the beneficiaries.The Sachar Committee, with its emphasis on issues of equity, marked a clear departure from such minortyism. The state seems to have reverted to ‘minorityism’ of the past in its implementation of the Report’s recommendations. Continue reading

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Discrimination By Housing Societies – Possible Legal Responses

The discrimination in housing societies is real and alarming. The need is to have policy corrections to avoid disastrous social disegregation Continue reading

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Sorry Sakina, My Friend, For Letting You Down

Some in India take it as a right to decide who has to be included and who has to be excluded, and their prejudices towards Muslims showcases this. Continue reading

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Muslims In Europe: Perceptions Of Discrimination And Islamophobia – II

Second and concluding part of the challenges facing Muslims In Europe. Continue reading

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Need For Equitable Representation Of Minorities In The Administration Of Indian Government

Indian Muslims need equitable representation for us to call India a truly successful democracy Continue reading

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Muslims In Europe: Perceptions Of Discrimination And Islamophobia – I

Muslims are under tough scrutiny and face difficult choices in Europe. Continue reading

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Muslim Women: The Dangerous Triangle

The communication divide between the Ulema and the Muslim women only adds to the problems of the latter. Continue reading

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Islamic Shariah In The Western World

Does Islamic Shariah fits into the western society? Continue reading

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Danish Cartoons – Responding Evil With Hateful Ignorance

Dozens of newspapers around the world reprinted the offensive cartoon of Prophet Muhammad. But why? Continue reading

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The Problem of Caste among Indian Muslims

The book explores the tradition of un-Islamic practice of caste in the Indian Muslim society Continue reading

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