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Scent in an Islamic Garden

‘Scent is the food of the soul, and the soul is the vehicle of the faculties of man.’ –Hadith attributed to the Prophet of Islam One has heard of literary history, social history, to some extent even economic history culled … Continue reading

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Jheeni Jheeni Beeni Chadariya

Think of Varanasi or Banaras and immediately mind goes to ghats along Ganga, temples, narrow lanes and of course chhach, the refreshing drink. Banaras is also famous for its silks and the weavers, who make those silk saris, living here … Continue reading

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Wedding songs: Men singing

There was a time that no wedding will be complete without sessions of wedding songs sung by professional singers and not-so-professional singers. Professional singers gave way to relatives and friends of brides and grooms who tried to put up their … Continue reading

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Exploring Mappila culture

When we talk about culture in the context of Indian Muslims, like many other things, it gets confined to culture of Muslims of the Urdu belt. The talk will begin with urdu poetry, mention huge influence of ghazals, dedicated fans … Continue reading

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Folklore Sans Frontiers

Six decades have passed since rivers of blood were unleashed by the tragic events of 1947, where an unnatural division of a territory was imposed by a cabal of self-obsessed politicians of all varieties and faiths, in cahoots with their imperial masters. It will take years, perhaps decades, but the dream for a visa-less, peacefully coexistent countries of South Asia will be realized. We will wait, but not give up Continue reading

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