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Book Review: Khaki & Ethnic Violence In India

The book is an eye opening work in many ways and unravels many popular beliefs like the army and intelligence agencies are secular. Author in this book examines is the impacts of under-representation of ethnic and religious groups especially Muslims in this sector—low percentage in Police and Biased/Partisan/Active Hostility.The book also details about the un-written policy of non-recruitment of Muslims in Intelligence Services. Continue reading

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Between ‘Minorityism’ and Minority Rights: Analysis of post-Sachar strategies

‘Minorityism’ of the state implies, privileging questions of culture and identity over and above everyday issues of survival. Intrinsic to ‘minorityism’ is also the occasional showers of sops that make no remarkable impact on the living conditions of the beneficiaries.The Sachar Committee, with its emphasis on issues of equity, marked a clear departure from such minortyism. The state seems to have reverted to ‘minorityism’ of the past in its implementation of the Report’s recommendations. Continue reading

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If I Were An Indian Hindu

I find it difficult to blame my “regular Indian Hindu” friend for the way he thinks. It is not his fault—it’s my way of looking at him that makes him appear faulty. But he may not be at fault at all. Continue reading

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India, Secularism, Whatever

Dr. Khalidi’s essay is an affront all those Indians whot are fighting for the rights of fellow Indians every day to make India a better country. It is an insult to millions of Muslims who chose to stay in India because they believed in the idea of India. Continue reading

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Is India Really A Secular State?

In reading Dr Khalidi’s article, “Why is India not a Secular State”, I find that he has presented irrefutable points to back his basic premise. My difficulty is largely with the wording of the title and the conclusive paragraph of his meaningful essay. Continue reading

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Discrimination By Housing Societies – Possible Legal Responses

The discrimination in housing societies is real and alarming. The need is to have policy corrections to avoid disastrous social disegregation Continue reading

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How Secular Is India Today?

India is called world’s greatest democracy but recent communal incidents and political indifference has put a question mark on its secular identity. Continue reading

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Ghalib: Ode to Benaras

It is sad that our ancestors, not in a very distant past, were much more respectful of other religions. Mirza Ghalib at his time wrote glowingly about Benaras during a visit to the Hindu holy city. Continue reading

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India: A Secular Democracy Strains For Balance

Founders of the modern state of India envisioned a secular democracy and the idea is being tested now as never before. Continue reading

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Delhi Shootout: Hindustan Times’s Complex Narrative

Hindustan Times used the police version of the story on the Jamia Nagar encounter as a fact in its reporting unlike other publications. Continue reading

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