Qawwali muqabila

Qawwali originated in dargahs and remains closely associated with it but there is a whole world of Qawwali that exists outside the dargahs, no I am not talking about Bollywood Qawwalis. Qawwali muqabilas are popular in small towns and usually a bit lowbrow in its content and style. It is a Qawwali contest between two groups, if one of the lead singer is a woman then you can easily guess the topic and nature of the performance.

Shareef Parvaz vs. Rukhsana Bano

Not sure about the date or place of this muqabila but brilliant performance by both singers. I must warn about the strong language used in these videos, for a PG-13 Qawwali muqabila see the last video on this page (Yusuf Azad vs. Rashida Khatoon).

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Yusuf Azad vs. Rashida Khatoon:

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