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Indian Muslims Protest Against PakistanDubai-based Pakistani writer Rabia Alavi in a column in Khaleej Times on 1 March 2009 charges that Indian Muslims are hell-bent on portraying Pakistan as a terrorist hub. However, the entire world is now witness for what really Pakistan stands for. Danish Ahmad Khan responds to Rabia Alavi’s article.

“Why have Indian Muslims, most whom seem well-educated and demonstrate sound judgment on all other matters under the sun, suddenly lose sight of their bearings (and manners) when it comes to attacking all things Pakistani, be it the country’s politics, culture, food or fashion. Why are they hell-bent on defying common sense when it comes to writing off a whole country as being a terrorist hub?” This statement from a Dubai-based Pakistani writer Rabia Alavi whose half of extended family are Indians, is really shocking indeed. I don’t know how this Pakistani woman gathered the gumption to dub we, Indian Muslims, as nonsensical and the ones who are ‘hell-bent on defying common sense when it comes to writing off a whole country as being a terrorist hub’. I just wonder why doesn’t this Pakistani writer – who is seemingly possessed with a squint and blinkered vision – see to it that it is Pakistan which is in fact proving to be no less than a terrorist hub when it comes to attacking all things Indian. My dear Ms. Rabia Alavi have you forgotten the 26/11 Mumbai attacks which claimed several Indian lives irrespective of the religions these martyrs belonged to. Which country did these ‘Islamic heroes’ nay ruthless inhuman killers belonged to? Can you deny that these ‘Jihadis’ did not belong to Pakistan? Your Pakistani government has itself publicly acknowledged that these goons hailed from Pakistan, whom it firstly tried to portray as non-state actors. Are YOU a MUSLIM or not? Are the rulers of Pakistan MUSLIMS or not? Does Islam ask to settle political scores by slaughtering human beings whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims? Is this what is JIHAD you Pakistanis call or think so? What kind of Islam are you Pakistanis propagating? You Pakistanis first of all need to get lessons regarding the true teachings of Islam. We, Indian Muslims, really don’t need to take lessons from you all. Your kind of Islam has miserably failed you all no ends, and Pakistan, which was formed in the name of Islam, is fast approaching to don the status of a failed state. Just cite me a single reason as to why we, Indian Muslims, shouldn’t acknowledge and proclaim Pakistan as a terrorist hub.

I simply look askance when Rabia Alavi daringly asks: “But why do Indian Muslims trouble themselves with Pakistan’s worries anyway? Don’t they have enough of their own? Need I remind them how uncomfortable their minority status is for them? Are they not second-class citizens in their own country? Are they not troubled by the countless assaults on the country’s minorities, the destruction of Babri Masjid or the slaughter of Muslims in Gujarat? Don’t they worry about the Modis and Sadhvi Pragyas of their country?” This is simply ridiculous. For your kind knowledge Ms. Rabia Alavi, we, Indian Muslims, don’t ever care about Pakistan or its worries. But, isn’t it a fact that Pakistan is constantly after us trying to create troubles whenever it’s possible. And, 26/11 Mumbai attacks is just another add on in its long list of crimes. Rabia would do well to at least acknowledge the fact that we, Indian Muslims, never sought help from Pakistan or any other country for that matter to take care of our problems. We, Indian Muslims, are ourselves strong and capable enough to tackle our own problems whenever need be. I don’t buy your theory that we, Indian Muslims, are second-class citizens in our own country. Let me state that we, Indian Muslims, are thankful to the Almighty Allah and our country’s system of governance that we exercise our democratic rights on our own free will without any sort of coercion or favour whatsoever. Whenever need be we, Indian Muslims, have changed governments at the Centre and in the states that failed to deliver either in terms of development or providing security to lives of people. Yes, I do acknowledge that communal riots did take place. But, these are now becoming things of the past. Rabia, but what about democracy in Pakistan. Just see how the Pakistani Generals trample your democratic rights at their own free will. It is pitiable that even after 60 years of independence you all are struggling to let democracy prevail in Pakistan in true sense of the term. Isn’t it a sorry state of affairs for your beleaguered country? Don’t you have your own problems? What about Jiye Sindh movement, Mohajirs and NWFP? Aren’t these grave problems for Pakistan which it has squarely failed to handle? What about Pakistani Muslims who are being slaughtered daily by Talibani jihadists. Aren’t you seeing this? Don’t you have the courage to take these Talibani jihadis head on. I know you are meek and a coward. You won’t even dare to write or talk about the tribals in North West Frontier Province of your country Pakistan. If you ever dare to do so, well you know your fate? DEATH at the hands of NWFP Talibani jihadis! Ms. Rabia, I’m sorry to state that YOU are not a real Pakistani as you are writing sitting pretty well ensconced in secure confines in Dubai. And, just look at me. I’m writing my comments sitting in my own homeland. Just look how much guts you possess and what I possess. This is enough to prove that I’m not a second-class citizen, while I just feel sorry about your status at this critical juncture which your country is presently in.

Ms. Rabia Alavi, do you know that the foundations of the so-called Islamic Republic of Pakistan was laid by an aristocrat Mohammad Ali Jinnah, who wasn’t concerned with Islam at all except being a namesake Muslim. By the way, don’t you know that fact that your Qaid-e-Azam Jinnah profoundly enjoyed alcohol, never entered a prayer hall or Masjid except for his marriage with Zoroastrian Rutten Bai. Jinnah loved consuming pork flesh and extracted its soup. Don’t you know that consuming pork and alcohol are forbidden in Islam? And, you still revere this Pork eating and wine consuming Mohammad Ali Jinnah – your GREAT Quaid-e-Azam!! Please don’t take my comments as otherwise. I suppose this is what you really asked for while initiating needless debate regarding actions of Indian Muslims vis-à-vis Pakistani Muslims.

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Danish Ahmad Khan

Danish Ahmad Khan is a journalist based at New Delhi and currently associated with a reputed News Agency. He worked for Patna-based The Times of India, The Milli Gazette, and The Qaumi Tanzeem. Besides, he also worked for several trade publications, ezines etc. He is a social activist and keeps a keen watch on the happenings in the Indian Muslim community and raises his voice through his writings and other platforms. He is also passionately associated with The Gaya Muslim Orphanage ( in Bihar, a 91-year-old institution founded by his grandfather. He can be reached at His writings can also be seen on his blogs at and

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  1. mustsw14

    The BJP party in India is far more secular than any of the “secular” party in India. And if I may add, many of the Indian secular parties also. And it was BJPs hand of friendship that was returned in Kargil – treachery painted as master strategy.

    India is secular because:
    1. We have had more demcratically elected Muslim heads of state than Pakistan
    2. Babri Masjid is the only site you can reference to and that too nearly 2 decades back. Gujrat was a matter of shame for everyone but we are working towards resolving that. More than a thousand Indians were killed and that is our problem – none of your business
    3. More Muslims have chosen to make India their home than Pakistan. They are free to join Pakistan if they could, but they have not
    4. India is only concerned about Taliban and Jehadists coming to power in Pakistan and then they attacking India. Pakistan being our neighbor is a tragedy of geography for us

    If you want to find out the truth beyond prejudice, do your research outside Pakistani “hate sites”. India has its problems but we are ready to face them within the democratic process where the lowest of Muslim peasant has the same voice as the richest Indian industrialist.

  2. Moderator

    Please read – “The BJP party in India is far more secular than any of the “secular” party in India.”


    The BJP party in India is far more secular than any of the “secular” party in Pakistan.

  3. A few points to be made to all those who are digging at India:
    1)India is perhaps one of the very few post colonial nations that has been able to sustain a strong democracy for more than 60 years. Look what has happened in latin America, Africa and it is the only democratic nation in the whole of South Asia.
    2)The fact that we can argue here proves the democratic nature of the country where you can mobilise, create pressure, express your opinion and even thrash the instituions and the govt. If we had been in China we would have been jailed or hanged, similar things would have happened in the middle east and pakistan.
    3)When you talk about the discontent among the various minorities plz keep in mind that no country in this world can claim to be immune to it. It is the inevitable curse and we learn through it.Do not we know what USA did to the Native Americans and the Blacks, what china, russia is doing. have we forgotten what Australia with its model multicultural policy did to the natives and the migrants.Even the reputed authors like Kiran Desai confessed the fact that in America she also has faced racist abuse. India with its vast diverse mosaic of innumrable religions, ethnicities, is also not immune to it but due to vote bank politics we have much greater scope of pressurizing.
    5)About terrorism and talibanisation BBC conducted a survey in year 2004-05 in which it was revealed that majority of the pakistanis either sympathasized or remained neutral about the terrorists. Even the pakistani authorities have acepeted the view that ISI and many state officials sympathasize with the talibans and use them as efefctive weapon against India.
    6)If you talk about the muslims in India I am tempted to talk about the Hindus in pakistan.At the time of partition there were 20% hindus in Pakistan and in 2000 there percentage is merely 3%. rapid cnversions, socio economic backwardness, and almost state sanctioned destruction of temples throughout the country is a everyday happening. Dawn news reported of the destruction of the temple in lahore and also how a Shiva temple has been annexed by a maulavi and is basicaly used for cow slaughtering. Apart rom this regular migration of the hindus prove that how insecure they are there. have you heard of muslims migrating to pakistan due to inhospitable conditions of India. If muslims in India are 2nd class citizens then perhaps Hindus and Christians are last class citizens(??? are they citizens) in Pakistan.
    7)About migrations I must say that it has got nothing to d with a great nation. It is a world wide phenomenon in the post world war 2 era.India is a developing economy and can’t provide dollar class payments and facilitis of the first world. millions of people also migrate every year frm China to USA. What woud you say about that? Milions of people have migrated from Latin America, Asia, Africa to a few developed nations of the world and if migration is the yardstick for deciding great nations then propably there are only a few great nations like the USA< Britain, France in this world. Why do you forget India has also given shelter to migrants from bangladsh, Hindus from pakistan,there are many thiriving chinese community in India, millions of tourists come to India, evn after the mumbai attack because it is safe. But ever heard of people migrating to pakistan in search of a safe refuge? You know what you did to the pushtun migrants in Karachi. The declining tourism business tells more tales.And even after getting billions of US dollas as remuneration for counter terrorist operation you have either used the funds to nurture terrorists(new yourk times reports) or did nothing resulting in the faltering economic growth of 3-4% each financial year or even lower.

  4. The following views have been thoroughly thought over and also been put forward by many Pakistani friends of mine. I do not generalize. Most of the facts that I have presented are the very same facts that intellectual (and educated) Indians and Pakistanis know already.

    I have lived all my life in Dubai, Muscat, Sharjah, Bangalore and now I reside in Dublin. I have met many Pakistanis in my life and some of my best friends are Pakistani too. Hence I’ve learnt to look at things with an unbiased, impartial view.


    Your ignorance only sickens my view of you and your people. You people have nothing better to do than let your insecurities coerce you into writing up stupid posts on what you believe India and its people are like. Instead quit being jealous and do something good for your country for a change. Should you know, India has developed so much economically and socially that Indians these days are going BACK to India! And you can take my word for it because I live outside India and have physically witnessed my own family and many of my friends migrate back to India.

    And this is something people are aware of because we learnt this in school. We have it written in our textbooks. Let me educate you – it’s called Reverse Brain Drain.

    Just to quote wikipedia here, “This [reverse brain drain] is a problem since foreign-born from developing countries such as China or India are increasingly motivated to return to their home countries due to rapid economic growth, increasing living standards, and increasing opportunities in their home country.”

    While Pakistani school textbooks portray India as a “Hindu state” and an “enemy state”, our textbooks preach no lies about Pakistan. Don’t believe me? Go check your textbooks, because Pakistanis themselves have told me so. We learn the truth and nothing but the truth. This is the reason we Indians are proud of our country. Despite all our shortcomings (poverty, corruption, communal riots), we will always have something to go back to.

    While we’re on that, do you know the number of Pakistanis who hate Pakistan? It actually opens your mind to what kind of a country Pakistan is. I have so many Pakistani friends and they dread going back to Pakistan because they don’t want to die. They know that their state was created (and is based) on a failed ideology. I respect them. I respect anyone who can accept their (or their country’s) shortcomings, and I practice what I preach. Why go back to Pakistan when you can expect to get blown up to bits while doing something as pure and holy as praying at a Masjid? Indians outside India are PROUD of their country, unlike Pakistanis outside Pakistan who absolutely abhor Pakistan. Most of them haven’t even bothered going back to Pakistan once they leave, while Indians, like I said, have something to go back for.

    Let’s just put it this way. Indians that have left their country, ran away for a BETTER life. We have always loved our country and eventually come back home. Pakistanis leave Pakistan for a life. Period. I would die for my country but you guys just die in your country, and that’s where the difference lies :). So don’t for one comment on how good (or bad) India actually is. You have no authority to do so.

    Let me also remind you that we are a secular democracy, which allows freedom of speech (unlike your country). A quick search of freedom indices online will reveal that India has one of the highest freedom indices in the world. It is because of this freedom that people like Varun Gandhi can go about preaching absolute stupidity and hatred. Whether or not people vote for him is not of anyone’s concern. At least he can voice his opinions, however crazy they may sound. Secularism does not mean that India needs to oppress nationalists like Varun, for that compromises a person’s freedom of speech. Secularism more or less means that we do not let religion rule our country and that we do not institutionally discriminate by religion.

    While we’re on that, Danish has every right to comment on how religious Pakistan really is and whether or not Indian Muslims are “holier” than Pakistanis. Why? Because majority of the Pakistanis have lost all their values. Most of the Pakistanis I know have left Pakistan because of how the Pakistani society has become poisoned. Being a person of Christian faith, I’ll go as far as to say this. I WOULD RATHER LIVE IN A COUNTRY WITH PRACTICING MUSLIMS, than in Pakistan. Like I said, failed ideology. Pakistan was created in order to “protect and preserve” a religion which you no longer follow anyway.

    I completely agree with Soham, and would like to add that Pakistanis have just two options. They can either flee their country and leave it to the fascist dictators who run it, or they can do something to change Pakistan for the good. If you don’t want to do either of them, you shouldn’t waste your time by typing up meaningless posts that simply serve to generalize and stereotype Indians without prior knowledge of the global scene.

    Now in your second post, you talk about how Indians are living in many countries for minimum wage. While it is easy to pick on this particular aspect, you should remember that you Pakistanis are no better. Most of the Indians who leave India are skilled workers who end up working for large companies, sending home huge amounts of money every year (in excess of 27billion dollars). But this hardly matters because, coming back to the point I expressed earlier, when Indians leave their country, they aren’t leaving because things are bad in India. We love India. I wish I could say the same for Pakistanis now. Pakistanis I meet in Dublin are ashamed of being Pakistani. They prefer going about and lying that they’re Indian. I suppose this explains why all the Indian restaurants in Dublin are in fact owned and started by Pakistanis. My point, in all this, is that you have NO RIGHT to say that Indians leave India because of what you think is a “sorry state of affairs” in India, when you Pakistanis outside your country have trouble even admitting that you’re Pakistani. It’s downright ignorant of you to make such comments.

    And 0% domestic consumption? Please get your facts right, India is a highly self-sustainable country. We make our own software, hardware, and the like. We do not import software, an exception to this are major popular operating systems and software companies like Microsoft and Cisco (sun microsystems), which in all fairness now, are run by Indians.

    A. Nicodemus
    Proud Expat

  5. @satwagunam

    Don’t go by headlines Pakistan has brought US close to collapse. Look at US economy State is literally bankrupt trillions of dollars in debt. Country keeps printing money out of thin year. As long as Pakistan keeps to faith and fights her enemy nothing will happen to Pakistan. Muslims know how to fight and defend their country.

  6. Dear Indian Muslims,

    I have a question. You guys keep boasting about Taliban in Pakistan, may i ask, Where is this Taliban coming from???? What is causing this?

    The US made the mujahideen when it served their purpose and now they are crying.

    Present Taliban is due to US mishandling whole AFghan war which they will never win anyways. And Indian involvement is not hidden either in all this mess.

  7. Us muhajirs of Pakistan mostly live in one of the most cosmopolitan largest city of subcontinent KARACHI.

    we have 99% in our ethnicity in Pakistan.

    We have had our rough times but it is clear that decisions our grandparents made was only for future generations or us.

    Anyways, Indian muslims have their own status also. I will not deny that either.

    So. Jai Ho to you Indian Muslims.
    Stay Happy and I hope my relatives are happy also in Uttar Pradesh.


  8. i wont go into the details as i hav been discussing them with many and am fed up of it bt the writter is squarely wronge. hes just an uninformed indian who thinks pakistan is a black hole, he must get his head straight and get a grip on his wild tongue.

  9. Firstly you guys are operating on the wrong paradigms? What are you suggessting carving up Pakistan? Sorry as an american born Pakistani I’ll have to disagree. Pakistan is a paranoid country. Jinnah was a leader with a cult of personality, but he was not horrible. He still wanted peace and equality for the muslims that were being severly persecuted in India because of the former British colonial policies of divide and conquer. Its a game. Both India and Pakistan need each other. India wants to expand its influence, and having a neighbor to war with is fine. Pakistan needs to keep justifying Indian threats on their land because millitary holds such a grip on it and does not want to let go. As real Muslims we must unite. I have family in Pakistan and India, I go to Pakistan a fare bit, and while the situation is bad, there is still positive development and these people deserve a government that will act in its name. I have had white people tell me that they tend to get along with pakistanis more than Indians, and theres something to our “war” mentality where Pakistanis I feel tend to be more communal or something. India has kind of turned into a western nation… and its values are kind of shallow. Not advocating religion, but BOLLYWOOD ROTS YOUR MIND. Nations are an old outdated idea. Your government owes you nothing. Its a system set up to rob you blind till you have nothing left and make you think your free.
    I suppose you want Isreal off the map because in a lot of ways there like pakistan.

  10. i am and always will be a real admirer of indian muslims; I think india is the only nation where a muslim can enjoy the freedom with other religious . We never see each other in terms of religion but more interms of our values ,yes We Indians are liberals and often we had our own defects, but when nation comes we stand as one and united . … Hey one thing is clear there are many national leaders like abdul kalam,azad, and we even highlight jinnah as a nation leader for our independence ; is there any single time a record of gandhi in your pakistan dairy and ur nation boast as if all independence is brought by jinnah only

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