5 Things Muslims Should Have Done!

Mumbai MorningThe attacks are a direct result of radicalisation of Islam and hatred for anyone who does not share your belief. Unlike the earlier blasts, Indian Muslims have not been blamed for the recent Mumbai attacks. The attacks were too complicated to blame us. Does that guarantee that the recent attacks will not have any repercussions for the Muslim community? The terrorists must have definitely had some form of local support to get such precise details about their target. They could have got it either through criminal gangs, corrupt people in India or through radicals in our own community. A muslim in India, has the same responsibility to protect his country as any other citizen. Not burying the terrorists is not good enough. Here is a list of things they should have done or at least should do from now on.

1. As attacks took place one after another in various cities, Muslim leaders and imams should spend enough time to calm the hatred and distrust between the two communities. It is not enough to give fatwas that suicide is haraam in Islam. We should educate muslims, that hindus are our neighbours and that in spite of certain events we should not carry hatred for another Indian. We have more to lose than gain due to such animosity. Even at a family level, we should spend time to educate those radicals who have hatred for non-muslims. “They are kafrs, they will go to hell anyways”, is not what you teach your kids. After all it is Allah who decides our fate.

2. We should have engaged other communities in constant dialogue to reduce the hatred. Mosques in India hardly contribute to the other communities except for the occasional iftar parties (which focusses on corrupt politicians). Mosques should guide young muslims to contribute towards secular orphanages and public bodies in their neighbourhood. Mosques in America contribute a lot towards the society. This is also partially because muslims there are not as backward. Disputes like Babri masjid need to resolved. One innocent life is more important than any piece of land.

3. It is high time, we took pride in our country. How many Indian muslims died fighting terrorists in Mumbai? One reason for this is that there aren’t that many muslims anyways in police, NSG and the navy. We should have been there to take the shots. We should urge more muslims to join the public sector especially police and defense.

4. Root out the terrorists amongst us. Indian Muslims are the worst affected due to any of these events. If there are retards who cause harm or intend to cause harm, we need to fight them for the sake of our own survival. We should report suspicious activities and get more involved as true citizens.

5. We should not have voted to those partys that fulfill the petty needs of our muslim leaders. We have to make individual choices and vote for that party which is willing to work towards our development.

Some Indian Muslims still do not understand the gravity of the issue. They continue to point fingers or adopt conspiracy theories. Their logic shocks me while tears roll down my eyes.

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  1. Noemaun, I as a non-Muslim felt pained to read this article. But I think you’re being a little unfair and too self-critical. The terror attack happened on India – not on Hindus. Muslims are as much a part of India as anyone else is. Why do they have to feel responsible for what happened even when they know it is in no way connected to them? Why do they need to prove their loyalty to the country and their patriotism, when no one else does? If a Hindu individual robs or murders or rapes, do all Hindus feel guilty and act defensive? They don’t. So while Muslims should condemn the attack and do whatever they can to show their solidarity for the nation and their fellow citizens, there is no need to go out of the way to redeem yourself in anyone’s eyes, even yours. Our Muslim citizens don’t need to prove themselves in front of anyone – even themselves. Doing that would only make tongues that are already wagging wag faster.
    (a fellow citizen, born a Hindu but an atheist by choice)

  2. As Salamu Aliekum Warehmetulahi Wabarkatuhu(peace, blessing and mercy of Allah(swt) be on you)….

    If you ask the women who is raped, she will not ask weather it was his first or second time of the person who did it that, instead she will demand justice which is her legal right…
    But you questioned Islamic Sharia and said many thing, while accepting that you have very less knowledge about Islam, for you to increase your Knowledge, regarding Zina(which is sexual intercourse with both the part in consideration) and another is Zina bina Jabre(Rape), please go ahead and refer the PDF link…


    For your kind knowledge I didn’t come in between you and MMM, but you did (Ram on December 23rd, 2008 8:14 am) and no problem in it. It was good to see you debating…
    Ok, so you believe in so call Islamic warriors that there are fighting Islamic war and not believe a Muslim like me who is telling you that we commend them and we are educating our young Muslims to not to be part of them, Please tell me, who is more important to you a fellow Indian Muslim who says that we are not terrorist or instead a terrorist who is a “Killer of Humanity”…

    Afghan, is a war agianst terrorism which was created by the USA as Taliban to defeat USSR in 80s….
    Iran vs Iraq was an war, where both the parties were Muslims but actually it was a war between two tribes, which was without any question sponsor by the USA.
    And the last Palestine vs Israel, is a war for there Identity for both of them it’s a dispute for Land and not as it later looked like a Religions issue, If all these wars were of Muslim wars, then we all should be behind it but the answer is no, and you are indirectly relating all the Muslims as Talibanis, Hamas and etc….

    Yes, you should be sorry because what the Dr. mean you didn’t understand because you don’t have the amount of Intelligence to understand what DR. wanted to say. He meant it is the Islamic Bomb of Peace, Truth, Intelligence….

    Q.What is a Hadit :It is a teaching of Allah(swt) given to us through Prophet Mohammad(pbuh), some Hadits are for that particular time and others are for us as teachings…
    Q.How do you become master in Islamic teachings :You need to under go more then 7 years training in a Darul-Islam, a school where Ulemas will be teaching….
    Q.How can we get a perfect meaning of an hadit :If you want a meaning of a Hadit, then you should know then Background of that particular hadit, you just not take a particular hadit and make Judgment or you need to consult a Ulema for that particular hadit…

    All those hadits which are you talking about are during the time of Battle “as you are were trying to justify the conversation between Shri Kishna and Arjun” but i will do not that.You are trying to be a scholarly person and you know every thing about Islam, so if there is problem in these Hadits than show me the problem and please tell where did you got your information from a Islam hate rate website(he he please go ahead and comment more such craps)…
    As far as sura 33 is concerned it is sura, which is the foundation of social reforms, Divorce, Domestic matters etc… One more thing that Ayat no.50 is incomplete…..
    About Slaves i have a very good answer and reply for you, Hahrat Bilal(may Allah be please with him), he was not only the first black to Accept Islam(because Islam talked against Slavery and even for there rights) and went on to be the first moezzin but he might will be the first person to enter Jannat because he will be holding the rope of the camel on which Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) will enter Jannat….
    What do you mean that we Muslims are engaged in Terrorist activities, supporting them, we are drunkards,druggists, adulterers etc. OH Allah(swt) please let this man away because i think he doesn’t have any knowledge about Muslims, God save you from your thinking….
    Yes, people like you are confused, but some them try to be confused because they can blame Islam, you can watch CNN and BBC and say that Muslims where celebrating after 9/11 but actually many in the USA it self called it a internal job, if you check out the security system in the USA it so good that if even a bird is entered into the country, they come to know it and it’s joke that someone planned to attack WTC and Pentagon and they were not aware of it, but that a different topic all together….

    And the last about the growth rates, by your logic then Muslims would have giving birth to 50 babies per couple, but every sad my parents and cores of other are very behind who generally have 2 or 3 children….
    Brother Ram, yes Islam doesn’t any changes but reforms are never been blocked by Islam and we welcome reforms and i will answer all the questions posed by the critic of Islam with proofs and solutions…
    You say you don’t speak crap about other religion but actually you do…
    If you want to judge Islam, judge it by it’s best Follower Prophet Mohammad(pbuh)….
    If you can give me many more Hadits and Ayats which has problems, then for your religion i have thousands of those problems and questions, but don’t worry i will never never in my life talk about it, rather i will prefer to talk about similarities….
    One of which is very important that we believe in one and only one GOD….
    Jai Hind

  3. Very beautiful thoughts, I am non Muslim from originally from India, but living in the west for a very long time,
    You are peace loving person and teaching right things, I wish there are more people like you.
    I like to add another point, my family suffered and lost everything at the time of partition, our wounds are still fresh with the losses. Even though I was born in India, my parents and relatives died with lot hate for Muslims, our generation saw them suffering and cultivated that tremendous amount of anger.
    Recent terror where Muslims are involved just put salt in the wounds, therefore although your points are excellent and I respect them but some wounds are very deep. We all work together to heel those wounds that is my sixth point.
    with best regards

  4. yes it’s high time muslims in India started to see themselves as Indians. till now they have shown more concern to what is happening in palestine, iraq etc.instead of thinking about there own country. it’s really pathetic when you see south asian muslims roaming around with arabic names , forgetting their roots and switching to “allah- hafiz” instead of the local “khuda hafiz”. even more pathetic to see local muslims agitate against US hanging of saddam hussain but never demanding that ajmal jasab & afzal guru be hanged.
    and SURBHI the attacks were on Hindus as they were placed in Hindu majority areas as is always the case. even if they are on India does that absolve the jehadis among muslims ? do you really think these attacks and 26/11 happened without local support. the enemy is among us. may be right beside you. hinduism has place for believers in one God, in many gods ans athiests,as well. but islam does not allow such luxury. the very fact that you are a Hindu makes you a fit-for-hatred-kafir in their eyes and being an athiest makes you a fit-for-conversion-by-hook-or-by-crook candidate. so beware.

  5. As Salamu Aliekum Warehmetulahi Wabarkatuhu(peace, blessing and mercy of Allah(swt) be on you)….

    Mr. Pagan….

    Oh… Beware???? Beware of what????
    Thanks Allah(swt), we don’t want such luxury of worshiping many Gods… we are 1000 times more happier in bowing in front of one Allah(swt)…

    and the other part if u want to call your self a Kafir, so be it… that’s your choice… as far of terror attacks are concerned, wait n watch truth is coming out… Mr. Karkare is no more but our beloved country has many more honest officers…

    and of-course specially for you brother…

    Allah Hafiz….

  6. Frankly, as a country, it doesn’t matter what religion one is in.
    As an aside, children should not be allowed to read religious texts. I was in my school when I first tried reading the Gita. But though, the violent verses are in some context, I could never understand that context (i was appaled and even though I tried reading the verse again and again, it went against what I was taught at home). I stopped reading it and i was never asked to read it. I understand the context after so many years now that I know a little about how this world works.
    So if a religious community makes it a rule to read a religious text from childhood, that is very bad. Kids cannot understand the context of those texts at such a young age. They have not even experienced life by that time. The ultimate crime in this world is is making kids read religious texts that they have to obey. They most definitely will misunderstand and be confused for a very long time. Probably they will never come out of it their entire life. I think that is the case with fanatic hindus, fanatic christians or fanatic muslims. They are a product of reading religious texts out of context.

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