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ABNToday I was invited for a phone-in interview at the Chicago based Asian Broadcasting Network. The discussion was mostly related to the IM Blog and and their respective purposes. There were some questions on the upcoming UP elections and whether Muslims in India should have a political party of their own. Another question dealt with discrimination against Muslims in India and if it is a widespread phenomenon. The discussions went on for around 30 minutes. Please click below to listen to the interview.


The complete recording of the program is available in the archives.

I would like to thank the people at ABN Chicago (Shahran Asim, Sabahat Ashraf, Khurram Habib and others) for inviting me to the program and allowing me to present an Indian Muslim perspective to some of the issues. I would also like to thank all the contributors and readers of this blog because it is due to their efforts that IM Blog is getting noticed.

Update: Interview audio added.

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9 thoughts on “IM Blog On Asian Broadcasting Network”

  1. I enjoyed listening to the interview. It was good to put a voice to a known face. You came across the intelligent, articulate and genuine person I have come to know you as over the last 2 years of interaction at multiple fora. It was also good to see the participation of another known person – Sabahat Ashraf – a person I have come to know through the Writers’ Forum.

    I wanted to point out one small error by one of the questioners – the population of Uttar Pradesh is not 17 million, but 170 million (or more accurately 166 million as per the 2001 census).

    Listening to the interview, I came across another interesting idea. One segment of the interview talks about how there has been a change in perspective across the last 2-3 generations of Indian Muslims. Perhaps this blog can explore this issue by inviting contributions from Indian Muslims (and non-Muslims) of another generation. One such person who can be approached to start this off is Prof. C.M.Naim. He is well known – Professor of Urdu at the University of Chicago, author of one of the best known books in the west for learning Urdu and founding editor of the best literary journal for Urdu (the Annual of Urdu Studies). He grew up in India just after independence and partition and has written about this.

  2. ASAK Mohib,

    aaj fursat mili aur meine aapka interview suna aur waqai bahut bahut mubarakbaad iss baat ke liye

    Mujhe khas kar do baatein behad acchi lagin aur woh ye ke…

    ek to jo aapne jikr kiya ke aam janta Muslims ko discriminate nahi karti aur jab aur jahan chahe namaz parhne ke liye oonhein oonki privacy aur comfort provide karti hai! Ye aapne ek sirf Muslim interview na de kar auron ke liye bhi aur auron ke haq mein bhi baat ki jo ke bahut hee khoob lagi as you didnt kept it as self-centered!

    dusri baat jo political party create karne ki kahi thi in India…its very true Muslims cannot create a reason to discriminate them and in a democratic country they would like to be a part of it and be an electoral group.

    Well said and this takes me to another level of respect for you Smile

    Good job done and I hope you will contribute more and more to the benefit of making a good place in the world for not only Muslims but to all human kind.

    All the best
    khush rahein sada

  3. Khuub. Hadn’t checked this post for a few days. Heard it tonight and I am really impressed the way you answered the questions of these people.

  4. Mohib bhai,

    Maen aapki araa’ say kafi hadd tak muttafiq hoon, aur meray khayal maen aap nay sabhi savalon ka bahot umda andaz maen javab diya. Allah aapko apnay nayk iraadon maen kaamyabi ataa farmaaen. Ameen.

  5. ASAK Mohib bhai,
    I listened to your interview and it was quite good. I disagree with you on many points in it but I really appreciate the fact that these things are being discussed at least. Will have a chat on it sometimes. Congratulations once again on the interview.


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