One thought on “Ganga-Jamni tahzeeb”

  1. ganga jumna tehzib is the very essence of secularism in india. if any outsider (or even indian for that matter) wants to understand indian secularism then that is where one must look. i am from lucknow and i am proud to be part of this tehzib that exists in lucknow even today.
    the nawabs of lucknow built temples for their hindu subjects and the hindus is tern would serve the moahorram procession with refreshments. begum hazrat mahal was a devotee of hanuman and named her son “manglu” after him. its not just these symbolic gestures of oneness that you get to see in lucknow. in lucknow all people without exception actually live it. unfortunately we do not get to see the same oneness in other parts of the country. people MUST be informed of this tehzib. if this happens, india will never see any riots and muslims will truly be part of the mainstream….

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