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guftuguu band na ho, baat se baat chale…..

We value the ideas and feedback of our readers, and highly encourage them to share their thoughts by commenting on the posts. But to carry forward the discussion and to have a civil discourse, it is necessary to formulate a comment policy.

Editors reserve the right to delete/edit comments violating the following guidelines. Editors also reserve the right to ban a commentator for repeated violation of the following guidelines.

1. Use of offensive racial / gender / sexual preference / religion-bashing terms or other hurtful speech. There are already enough hate sites out there, we don’t want ours to become one.

2. Excessive use of cuss words. If you have nothing to say, silence is golden.

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8. Using fake profiles (multiple IDs et al) to post comments.

9. If you have any questions about our guidelines, ask us. If you don’t ask, we’ll assume you have read them, understand them, and have agreed to follow them.

The above guidelines are inspired from those of, one of the better managed group blog on the web.