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A picture of greatness

This picture arrived in my inbox few days ago. Amazing to see some of the biggest names of literature and intellectuals all in one group picture. I didn’t have the chance to find out where and when this picture was … Continue reading

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Ramadan series: iftar

There are many ways to describe but none can truly capture the spirit of this month. So I have decided to do a daily post for each of the day of the month hoping to capture different aspects of the … Continue reading

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Muslims of Manipur

Recently launched book “Manipuri Muslims: Historical Perspectives 615-2000 CE” authored by Farooque Ahmed, claims that Islam came to Manipur as early as 615 CE. If this is true, then this will place this region at par with Malabar, Sindh, and … Continue reading

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Soccer girls

By Kashif-ul-Huda, When FIFA World Cup Soccer Final match is played on Sunday, there will be at least a billion people will be watching it around the world. Going by the two pictures that I will present to you, … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: Girls Madrasa, Hyderabad

Lakshmi Prabhala is a talented young photographer from the city of Hyderabad. She specialized in portraits and capturing the everyday life of the city. In this photo-essay she clicks some frames at a Girls Madrasa in the city of Hyderabad. Continue reading

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A Thousand Words Against Raj Thackeray

Raj Thackeray and his divisive ideology was dealt a serious blow when India responded as one nation to the Mumbai terror attacks. Continue reading

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Kashmir Protests In Pictures

A photo essay of mass rally in Srinagar addressed by Kashmiri leaders and attended by tens of thousands of people. Continue reading

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Halwa Paratha At Aligarh Numaish

Aligarh Numaish (Exhibition) is an annual fair that is well attended and widely anticipated. Saad Akhtar clicks the life cycle of the delicious halwa paratha at the numaish. Continue reading

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Ganesha On Indonesian Currency

Earlier, during my unsatisfactory interview with the chief minister, Narendra Modi had said: “In Indonesia, which is a Muslim country, they have a picture of Ganesh on one of their currency notes. Why can’t India’s Muslims be more like that?” … Continue reading

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Indian Refreshment Room!

I am attaching an archival photo of the Allahabad railway station platform dating back to the British period (roughly 1920s) that I found on an archive on Minnesota university library (Ames) website. Its a photo of a newly opened “Indian … Continue reading

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