Regular Contributors:

Ayub Khan: A freelance journalist and a keen observer of political and social trends in India and abroad. His articles have appeared in The Muslim Observer, IslamOnline, Meantime, The News and other newspapers & journals.

Asghar Ali Engineer: A Muslim scholar internationally known for his work on liberation theology in Islam, the leader of the Progressive Dawoodi Bohra movement, and his work on (and action against) communalism and communal and ethnic violence in India and South East Asia. He has authored more than 40 books and many articles in various national and international journals, and is founding chairman of the Asian Muslim Action Network, director of the Institute of Islamic Studies, and head of the Center for Study of Society and Secularism in Mumbai.

Inam Abidi: Originally from Lucknow, he is currently based in Dubai and runs his own business. He is also a part-time consultant to a Technology Magazine. Inam blogs at The World As I See It.

Kaleem Kawaja: He lives in Washington DC where he is an engineering manager at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Goddard Space Flight Center. He led the formation of the Association of Indian Muslims of America (AIM), a Non Government Organization that continues to be focused on uplifting India’s Muslim community. For the last twelve years Mr Kawaja has been in the Board of the Muslim Community Center, the largest Islamic Center in metropolitan Washington DC, where he was president for a few years and where he is a trustee now.

Kashif-ul-Huda: One of the pioneers of Urdu on the web, he has been managing since 1998. He also maintains a English blog for Urdu at In 1995 he started a reference site for Indian Muslims at Since May 2007, daily news website keeps him busy. Originally from Bihar he now lives in Florida, USA.

Manas Sheikh: He is a research scholar at IISc, Bangalore. Manas blogs at Reflections.

Mirza Akhtar Beg: A geologist for more than forty years. Besides geology, for the last fifteen years he has written extensively on national and international political, religious and social issues. His articles have been published at various places including Indian Express, Al Jazeera, Daily News and Media Monitors. He blogs at Mirza’s Musings.

Mirza Faisal: Faisal is a technology professional and a management graduate student at a leading US University. He has worked at leading technology firms and has interests in a variety of subjects. His articles have been published at among others.

Mohib Ahmad – Mohib is a management graduate, an Urdu aficionado and a photography amateur. He maintains an Urdu Poetry website and writes his personal blog at Private Opinion. His photoblog can be found at AKS : REFLECTION.

Rupa Abdi: Rupa is an independent researcher and writer with interests ranging from development and social issues to mysticism. She also write poetry and her blog, Ashodara, derives its name from Ashoka and Darashikoh.

Sadia Dehlvi: Delhi based author, columnist, TV producer, activist and commentator. Working in media since 30 years and has written for various Hindi, Urdu and English magazines. Scripted documentaries and television serials and contributed articles for various books. Winner of Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Awards and Best Journalist Award.

Sharique Ahmed: Sharique studied at IIT Chennai and currently works for a major consultancy firm. Sharique blogs at Serendipity and lives in a city in North India.

Yoginder Sikand: Yoginder Sikand works with the Centre for Jawaharlal Nehru Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. He has authored various books on Indian Muslims and allied issues and has done his research work on Tablighi Jamaat. Sikand holds a Master’s Degree in sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, and a PhD in history from the University of London.

Yousuf Saeed: An independent filmmaker and researcher based in Delhi. He co-directed the science series Turning Point for Doordarshan, and moved on to make documentaries on a variety of subjects. Some of his prominent films include Inside Ladakh, Basant, A Life in Science: Yashpal, and the Train to Heaven which have been shown at numerous film festivals, academic venues and on TV channels. Besides films and television, Yousuf also worked for Encyclopedia Britannica (India) as the Arts Editor. He has been a Sarai Fellow (2004), and an Asia Fellow (2005). His most recent work is a feature length film Khayal Darpan about the state of classical music in Pakistan.

Zartab Haidar Jafri: Zartab belongs to Sitapur, an old and culturally rich city near Lucknow. He is a serial entrepreneur and is currently based in Dubai.

Other Contributors:

Asad Mustafa Rizvi: He is an IIT graduate.

Asif: Originally from Mumbai, Asif is currently working in Pune as a technology professional. He blogs at Take A Walk.

Bushra: She is from Delhi and has graduated last year from Hansraj College. She blogs at Ù‡ÙË??? ٿي كل كتب.

Noemaun: Noemaun graduated last year from IIT Madras and is now a graduate student at RPI. He blogs at Most things in life are free.

Sadia Raval: Sadia lives in Mumbai but thinks all over. Some of her thoughts can be found at her personal blog Ambiguity Defined and some of her captures can be seen at her Flick Gallery.

Subhan Ahsan: He is originally from Mumbai but currently works in Dubai. He blogs at Subcoded.

Suhail Kazi: An engineer, Suhail is a Bombayite who works in Texas and blogs at Imaginathon.

Syed Ali Mujtaba: He is a working Journalist currently based in Chennai, India. He has earned his PhD, from School of International studies Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and has authored two books, “The Demand for Partition of India and British Policy 1940-45, Mittal publication 2002 and “Soundings on South Asia, New Dawn publication, 2005. Mujtaba has been doing TV anchoring for and blogs at Mujtaba Musings.

If you are an Indian Muslim and interested in writing for this blog, please drop me a mail at editor [at]