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Zikir of Assam

Zikir of Assam is a devotional songs in Assamiya. Famous Muslim preacher Azan Pir popularized this form of devotional song which is continued to be performed by Muslims of Assam. See below an example of Zikir song, bidding goodbye to … Continue reading

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Nine styles of writings

By Amir Khusro From his book Rasail al-Ijaz From the beginning of my youth, I had the desire that I should produce among my fellow writers an epistle, more embellished and rhetorical, and more attractive than the cheeks of the … Continue reading

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Aurangzeb in Banaras Hindu University

So most of the people guessed it right in our Quiz about a Mughal firman poll. Yes, indeed it was Aurangzeb who issued that firman and that too just months after becoming the Emperor of India. But the most interesting … Continue reading

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Wedding songs: Men singing

There was a time that no wedding will be complete without sessions of wedding songs sung by professional singers and not-so-professional singers. Professional singers gave way to relatives and friends of brides and grooms who tried to put up their … Continue reading

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Quiz: A Mughal firman

We all are familiar with famous Mughals. So let’s play a quiz and see if you can figure out which emperor may have issued this royal firman. Translation is below the picture. … therefore in accordance with holy law we … Continue reading

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Being Makbool Fida Hussain

“What’s your name?” “Kashif,” I replied. “What?” Before I could repeat my name, his friend intervened. “Makbool Fida Hussain,” he said, emphasizing each of the three words of the famous painter, as he turned towards his friends, laughing. [Lucknow University, … Continue reading

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Sufis of the Indus region – I

He is Abu Hanifa and He is Hanuman, He is the Koran and H e is the Vedas, He is this and He is that, He is Moses, and He is Pharaoh – Sachal Sarmast Tombs at Makli Hill, Thatta, … Continue reading

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Marsiya : a form of Urdu poetry

I am happy to see this news about opening of a school to revive/preserve the art of marsiya writing. Marsiya is a fully developed form of Urdu poetry and it is wrong to think that is just a lamentation for … Continue reading

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