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Wikileaks Has Plugged Few Holes For Indian Muslims

Wikileaks leaked cables have brought discomfort to Congress and BJP. But surprisingly a few leaked cables have brought relief to Indian Muslims. “India’s over 150 million Muslim population is largely unattracted to extremism. Separatism and religious extremism have little appeal to Indian Muslims, and the overwhelming majority espouse moderate doctrines.” USA was convinced about Indian Muslim rejection of terrorism but Indian leaders and media were not. We never heard these encouraging words from Indian leaders or even intellectuals. None of them came out and vouched for Muslim’s integrity. Muslims were left to fight these twin battles all alone, one was to counter the propaganda and other to isolate extremist element in the community. Continue reading

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A Du‘aa’ For AMU, JMI & Jamia Hamdard

Du‘aa’ is not an alternative to action. It is only for reinforcement of actions. “Almighty Lord! Make our students understand Your Book in its totality and become leaders of the entire humanity. Almighty Lord! Help our students abolish the division between dunyaa and deen. Almighty Lord! Help our students eliminate the division of knowledge into ‘secular’ and ‘religious’. Almighty Lord! Help our students develop a coherent body of ideas and creatively reach out to the unknown with critical and scientific thinking. Almighty Lord! Make our students master all the sciences of the world and become founders of many more. Almighty Lord! Make the Muslims contribute their maximum to the world civilization and enrich it to the best of their capacities.” Continue reading

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Rahul Gandhi’s Comments On Hindutva Terrorism: An Analysis

Those attacking him need to go into the depth of the remarks that young Gandhi has made. He and his family are themselves victims of religious and linguistic terror and hence who can understand the issue better than Rahul himself. Hindu militants involved in these attacks were highly motivated by their religion and connected with religious groups, with direct and indirect support and sympathy from some unscrupulous elements of our Army. If such unscrupulous elements are not curbed immediately, we can well imagine the state of things to emerge in future in the country. With their pan-India presence and networking at grassroots level, they can do unimaginable damage and it will be very difficult task to check them if they are allowed to spread their tentacles like the terror outfits in Pakistan. Continue reading

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National Commission For Minorities: Serving Whose Interest?

Yet another National Minority Rights’ Day, the day about which you can’t find single information on the official website of National Commission for Minorities (NCM) except some about Minority Rights’ Awards. But forgive them, a website named, tells us what is the day about.If one have a look on the budget and expenditure of the year 2009-10, the highest amount is spent on Salary i.e Rs. 323.43 lakhs, which is around 72% of the total expenditure of the year.On the other hand on research studies and publications, it has spent only Rs. 4.14 lakhs which amounts even lower than medical treatment, Rs. 5.85 lakhs. Continue reading

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From Rimland To Heartland: BJP Squeezing To Centre Of Power?

In the earlier decades after independence it was often felt that the political party, which controls the heartland states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and even Madhya Pradesh, rules the country. Now just opposite is happening. The party or group of parties, which are ruling India has virtually no base in the heartland of the country. In fact the Congress party is in power in bordering states of Assam, Rajasthan and in the coastal states of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The party is prominent opposition in the coastal Kerala and Karnataka, where it has the potential to stage a comeback sometimes in the future. Continue reading

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Ayodhya Verdict, Temple And Indian Nationalism

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat (30th Sept 2010) had welcomed the judgment and stated that this judgment paves the way for grand Ram Temple as court has already allotted 2/3 of land. Now (Dec 12, 2010) he goes further to say that division of land is unwarranted and all land should be given to Hindus as division always creates problems as in the case of Kashmir, and that all the land should be handed over to Hidus. The statement of Mr. Bhagwat is quiet in tune with the politics, ideology and agenda of RSS. Continue reading

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Something Rotten Between Raja And Judiciary

Two wrongs––or even three four, five––do not make one right. So when A Raja as the then Union Telecom Minister (on June 12, 2009), through a lawyer friend, called upon Justice Raghupaty of the Madras High Court to seek favour for the bail application of a doctor friend and his son, allegedly involved in the MBBS mark sheet racket, he cannot be defended on the plea that “there is something rotten” in the Indian judiciary. There are many rajas and ranis in the Indian democracy who have twisted the arms of judiciary. Continue reading

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The Facade Of Human Rights In India

10 December is celebrated as the World Human Rights Day but actually for the governments across the world it is just another day under the aegis of an international body like United Nations which they are forced to observe. In reality human rights are violated throughout 365 days including on the “World Human Rights Day.” Human Right is a birth right which a human being is entitled to, not because of being a citizen of any country but because of being a human being. That is why, in Europe human rights have been regarded as natural J&K, where according to one report more than 8000 cases of missing persons have surfaced, only 34 of them have been registered in NHRC. Continue reading

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Ayodhya Verdict Of Sep 30 And My Daughter

Being an Indian Muslim I was not too ambitious; therefore simply expected a fair judgment if not a decree. I also wanted to show my Kashmiri wife that it is still a good idea to believe in the India, and none but the Law is the saviors.When the judgment was actually announced I was numb and concerned. The first thought that came to my mind was ‘How will I respond to my wife?’ Kashmiris have almost lost their faith in Indian State and have always been arguing against my faith in the state. This judgement will transfer even more arsenals into my kitchen and for next few weeks I will be left with no option but to defend myself on the dinning table. Continue reading

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Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi And Impact Of His Ideas On Muslim Politics

Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi is a major figure and most controversial too, among Ulama during the Mughal period who left great impact on religious and political ideas of a section of Muslims not only during the Mughul period but also on subsequent periods, particularly during 19th and 20th centuries. He had both followers as well as opponents among Muslims in India. Among theologians and secular intellectuals there were those who came directly or indirectly under the influence of Sheikh Sirhindi and became separatists and rejected composite nationalism. Also, there were those who admired Sirhindi but did not necessarily agree with separatist politics. Continue reading

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