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Advocacy For A Neutral Verdict – Not In Favor Of Mandir or Masjid

The two most talked-about things these days are Commonwealth Games and Ramjanmabhoomi issue, which is also called Babri Masjid dispute. CWG is perhaps taking the top TRPs if one is to talk in the television network parlance. Kalmadi is the main villain. He is being profusely abused and disgraced by all and sundry for what he has done. And I agree that the people are absolutely right in hating Kalmadi. I am no different in my views on him. But as for the Ayodhya issue, the perpetrators of the crime of first destroying a heritage structure (which was our national wealth) and then being responsible for so many riots, loss of property and life, are all people of high repute, enjoying the privileges of the highest offices in the country. The courts have a duty to not just decide a case this way or that, they have a responsibility to guide the people too, setting examples in justice and ensuring peaceful working of a system. Continue reading

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Let Us Live In Honesty And Harmony

We Indians have a tendency to delve in the past and then either gloat over it or cry over it. We love to waste time and energy, reminiscing about the yesteryears, with scant thoughts of improving our present and future. We do not let ‘Bygones be Bygones’, but rather cling to them in a sadistic sort of way. It rarely occurs to us to learn lessons from the past mistakes in order to improve upon our present. What’s the point in revelling about India being the land of ‘milk and honey’ in the eras gone by, when the present chaos (compounded by hunger and violence) promises to get worse with every passing day? Let us (including our religious leaders) follow the real principles of Lord Ram and/or the true tenets of Prophet Muhammad, rather than squabble over the proprietorship of a piece of land. Continue reading

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History And Nature Of The Ayodhya Dispute

The dispute over Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid, it is said, is creation of the colonial rule. The authorities under the Colonial rule allowed the dispute over title of the land to acquire communal overtones. Whatever the former colonial masters did, or omitted to do, the post-Colonial state fared even worst in the matter. Post-Colonial State allowed the dispute over the land title to almost completely polarise the two communities. Essentially a title suit between the plaintiffs and the defendants over a piece of land was allowed to acquire religious and communal colour with competing all India mobilisations by political leadership belonging to both the communities. Even the most secular Prime Minister of the country – Jawaharlal Nehru found himself unable to resolve the dispute and / or stop it from acquiring communal colour, when he had the opportunity in 1949. Continue reading

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Batla House Encounter – Justice In Waiting

People started questioning the authenticity of Batla House encounter since the day one but the death of Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma covered it up. Delhi Police, now, has prepared the charge-sheet and charged Shehzad Ahmed as “Mastermind” (the designation kept on changing since the encounter that happened 6 days after the Delhi serial blasts) for murdering MC Sharma. Now why Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Centre of AIIMS, Delhi Police, and other important government departments are trying to hide the fact? Delhi Police has been telling its own story, every time with different angle causing more confusion. Every time new Mastermind is arrested and interestingly Maharashtra Police presented some other Masterminds. Muslims are always at the receiving end of Terrorism but are labeled as Terrorists. Although some Hindutva extremists and their organizations have been found in terror activities many times but there is a conspiracy of silence. Continue reading

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What happened at Ayodhya 155 years ago?

Hanumangarhi is a cluster of temples in Ayodhya. The temples, it is said, were built by the money of Nawab Safdarjung, great grandfather of Wajid Ali Shah. A Muslim living with Hindus in this area came out proclaiming that Hindus have demolished a mosque that was situated in between the temple complex. The matter took a serious turn as about a dozen Hindus and more than 70 Muslims got killed in the communal clash that followed. The Muslims presented a petition to the Nawab and beseeched him to intervene as a Muslim on this plaint. Wajid Ali Shah instituted a commission, setting a 3-member committee consisting of a Muslim, a Hindu and a British officer. These three men were Raja Man Singh, Agha Ali Khan- the nazim at Faizabad and Captain Orr of the East India Company.The Commission reported that there was no mosque within the precincts of Hanumangarhi.These three men went to Ayodhya and succeeded in bringing Hindus and Muslims together.Agreement was arrived and a deed of compromise executed. Continue reading

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Time To Implement The Ramazan Training

The word Ramazan is derived from ramaz which means “intense heat”, and soum means to stop, cease or abstain from an activity.Circumstances today demand that Muslims undertake a similar form of soum in which they commit themselves to abstain from extravagance, ostentation and self-indulgence so as to save their community from the “intense heat” of all round backwardness. Continue reading

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Lessons From Batla House Encounter: Truth Will Prevail

Afroz Alam was born in Champaran district of Bihar in 1987. He is acutely aware of the historical importance of Champaran in India’s freedom struggle. Through Right To Information (RTI) Act, he has started his own “satyagraha” for seeking out the truth. Since 2005, he has filed thousands of RTI applications seeking information on local and national issues but what has made him famous is his unprecedented successes in finding truth of Batla House killings of Sept 19, 2008 that was termed as encounter by Delhi Police and fake by the population living in that area. Continue reading

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My Visit To Riot-Affected Ratlam

The incidence has caused deep wound physical as well psychological on the Muslims who are economically hard pressed in Ratlam. The arrested persons must be released without delay, people must be compensated for the damage caused during the search operation (some even allege that money and ornaments were taken away) and it must be investigated why the situation was not handled tactfully and why innocent people in such huge numbers were implicated when there was no injury to anyone. Continue reading

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Ayodhya: Waiting for the verdict

While the judgment is awaited there is a lot of tension in the air about the same. The whole issue has been deeply linked to the faith and has been used to whip up communal hysteria. As such Muslim minority has been the major victim of the violence due to communal issue which has used the emotive appeal around Lord Ram. Continue reading

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BJP-Congress Misusing Sohrabuddin Fake Encounter For Political Gains

The incident that should have been treated as only a crime and investigated in the same spirit with a view to unearth the truth and punish the accused persons behind it was however, exploited by the two major political parties-Congress and BJP-for mobilization of voters and gain political mileage on the eve of 2007 assembly elections as also during April 2009 Lok Sabha elections.

Continue reading

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