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The Jihad For Our Times

‘Jihad’ is a term that has many different shades of meaning. It refers to all efforts, undertaken to the limits of one capacity, for any noble purpose. Fighting against external enemies is only one form of jihad, for which the term qital is used in the Quran. Truly speaking, it could be said that qital is just an exceptional form of jihad, and not the rule. Qital, or armed jihad, is permissible only in defence, in the face of aggression on the part of an enemy. Continue reading

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Why Indian Monetary System Is Pro-Capitalist?

Though we ‘the People of India’ solemnly resolved ‘India to be a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic and to secure to all its citizens Justice, social, economic and political liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and practice, equality of status and of opportunity’ but we have yet to realize that despite 63 years of independence, our monetary system is not socialist but continues to be Pro-Capitalist as designed by the capitalists during the British India rule. Continue reading

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The Earth Is A Mosque

Islam is what motivates me to be a “steward of the earth.” But this role is not limited to me. In Islam, all humans are considered “stewards of the earth” and, in the Qu’ran, God sets forward clear principles about this stewardship that include taking care of one’s self, others and the planet. Islam speaks out against waste: “O Children of Adam! Wear your beautiful apparel at every time and place of prayer; eat and drink; but waste not by excess, for Allah loveth not the wasters” (7:31). Continue reading

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One-third Of World Population In 2050 Will Be Muslim

Recently many studies have been published about composition of the world population in 2050. People are fascinated by the changes that will happen in the next few decades. Europe will see negative growth while Asia a population explosion. Muslims will be one-third of the world population in 2050. Demographic changes will be dramatic in U.S. White majority will become minority by 2050 while Hispanic population is expected to triple according to Pew Research Center. Continue reading

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Islam And Muslim Women’s Social Roles

It must be admitted that the attitude of Muslim religious circles towards women and women’s issues is influenced less by Islam and shariah norms than by other factors, among these being a marked reaction to the perceived widespread immorality in the West as a result of the free intermingling of sexes in Western societies. While in the West women have made important gains in several respects, it cannot be denied that in the name of women’s liberation and freedom they have been turned into sexual beings and commodities. Continue reading

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Why I Hate The IPL

In all its three years of existence, IPL was not about cricket. It was about money. About a lot of money! The vulgar display of money, power and beauty is there for all to see. The IPL also represents a loot of public funds, my and your money, which doesn’t even get noticed. If the law of the land does not permit theft, how can it allow this unprecedented day light robbery? Continue reading

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Interest-free Microfinance: Best Tool For Poverty Eradication

Both Islamic finance and microfinance seem to be concepts surrounded by a “fashionable aura” in Muslim as well as other developing countries. Banks, financial institutions, MFIs, NGOs are taking keen interest and most of all in the relation between the two, especially when it comes to fighting poverty.The global Islamic finance industry is rapidly growing. Continue reading

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Narendra Modi: Travails Of Travel Abroad

A group of German MPs justified the denial of visa to Modi.One member of delegation pointed out that he was shocked by parallels between Germany under Hitler and Gujarat under Modi.Who will know it better than Germans who have suffered the political tragedy of fascism for bad many years? Modi’s point that he is an elected person again matches so well with Hitler. Continue reading

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The Green Hunt, But The Red Haunts

Till recently India had disturbed borders be it in North-East, Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir, or Darjeeling during the earlier Naxal upsurge, but now the deep forests in the interiors are up in flames.The scale of devastation caused by these land-mine explosions-cum ambushes is much more than what the ultras in Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir or North-East could do. The fact is that over the years the Indian state allowed the Maoists to grow strong. Continue reading

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Ibn Taymiyyah And His Fatwa On Terrorism

Terrorism does not suddenly drop out of heaven; it originates here on earth in response to acts of omission or commission by the ruling classes. But soon it acquires dynamics of its own and ceases to be mere response.Ibn Taymiyya, undoubtedly a great scholar and eminent jurist, had issued a set of four fatwas known as Mardin fatwas.Those who use Ibn Taymiyya’s fatwa totally ignore the circumstances in which the fatwa was issued. Continue reading

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