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Problems And Prospects Of Islamic Banking In India – Road Map Ahead

Islamic banking is seriously being considered and has emerged as a possible alternative to the conventional banking because of the followings:
• It is based on Ethical and Socially Responsible Investments (SRI)
• It aims at Equity and Justice and leads to poverty alleviation and
• It acts to new dimension to assets and actual projects aiming to support real economic growth instead of financial engineering.
• It provides services to under banked populations ignored by conventional banks Continue reading

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Muslims And Their Contribution To The Formation Of Congress And Freedom Struggle

Maulana Husain Ahmed Madani opposed partition and challenged two nation theory of Jinnah too and proved from Qur’an and hadith that two nation theory has no Islamic sanction. Maulana Husain Ahmed was abused and greeted with garlands of shoes by Muslim league activists.Today an average Hindu thinks that Muslims divided our country and looks upon them with suspicion. The Congress has made no efforts to correct this situation. Continue reading

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Syud Hossain: India’s Voice For Freedom Abroad

Syud Hossain’s contribution has gone largely unnoticed because he was not a mass leader and fought battles for India in intellectual circles abroad. Sadly, even the intellectuals in India seem to have forgotten him.Hossain’s intellect and personality made him one of the prominent voices for India’s cause across the world. His oratory skills and knowledge left the Americans in awe. The Los Angeles Times described him as ‘the most distinguished Indian visitor in America since Tagore’. Continue reading

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Mr. Modi And The Ghosts Of Gujarat 2002

History has a peculiar knack of catching up with its characters. On March 27th India’s history will catch up with its most pernicious of politicians. In the company of three thousand invisible yet tangible ghosts, Narendra Modi will undergo a scrutiny of his deeds. His acts of commission and importantly his impotence of omission, everything will go under the scanner. And all this in the presence of those to whom he owes an explanation. Continue reading

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The Jewish-Islamic Heritage And Its Contemporary Significance

The link between Judaism and Islam is profound and is at the root of both religious cultures. Islam sanctified and interpreted sacred Jewish texts and incorporated principles from Jewish law (Halakha) and Rabbinical sources into Islamic law (Sharia). Judaism owes Islam a huge debt for the emergence of the Jewish philosophical oeuvre of the Middle Ages. Continue reading

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Haroon Rashid: The Man Who Brought An ‘Inquilab’

Haroon Rashid also became immensely popular due to his oratory skills as much as his writings. He was stylish, smart, sophisticated and knew how to keep his reader and audience engaged. Whether you understood Urdu or not, if you listened to him he would leave you spellbound. He was a much sought after speaker and would get the audiences enthralled by his fiery speeches. Continue reading

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Logic Of Women’s Reservation

Reservation, actually, began on the basis of religion in the first place. An individual enjoys schedule caste (SC) status if he is a Hindu or Buddhist – that is his religion is the deciding factor. Muslims and Christians SC peoples do not get this benefit because of their religion. Even conversion of an SC or ST individual to other religion deprives him of the caste benefit! Continue reading

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Minority Ministry Ad Misinforms Public, Hoodwinks Muslims

The full page Advertisement by the Ministry of Minority Affairs on 18 February, 2010 on its achievements under Prime Minister’s 15 Point Programme for the Welfare of the Minorities has been designed to misinform the public and to bluff the minorities and particularly hoodwink the Muslims. Indeed, the Advertisement conceals more than it reveals. Continue reading

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Nawab Sikandar Begum’s Hajj Memoir

Sikandar Begum has the unique distinction of being the first Indian ruler to make the hajj journey. Even with their proclamation of love for Islam none of the Muslim rulers of India went for hajj because it was a long and dangerous travel. Nawab Sikandar Begum went for hajj with a party of about 1000 people of which were mostly women. Continue reading

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Women’s Reservation Bill And Politics Of OBCs And Minorities

To demand sub-quota for Muslim women is nothing more than politicking for winning support of Muslims. It is nothing more than mere politicking. It is this kind of politicking which denies justice to minorities and others. And as pointed out above, this is not even doing justice to OBC but only to creamy layer. Continue reading

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