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Muslim Women And Change

Media, which is interested in sensationalizing issues, refuses to highlight Muslim women’s achievements and continues to portray them as submissive to traditional authorities and meekly accepting their situation. This image of Muslim women has to change and reality, which is much more complex, has to be understood. Continue reading

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Ahmedabad Turns 600: Day To Recall Vasant-Rajab Sacrifice

Vasant and Rajab lived together, breathed together and died together for a noble cause but death separated them. But they will never be separated. The spirit of both Vasant-Rajab will remain with us. But the bottom line seems that we don’t feel to care, cherish and follow the message of these two immortal heroes of the history. Continue reading

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Talibans: Thugs Or Torch-Bearers Of Islam?

There are many who argue that Taliban does not represent true Islam. Definitely yes, they do not represent the common Muslim of the subcontinent. But unfortunately they have been made to appear as the face of real Islam in this polarized world. They are the ones who get the media attention and most unfortunately they are the ones who think that THEY represent Islam in their own brutal way. Continue reading

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My Name Is Carmichael And I Am Not A Terrorist

Delhi’s premier newspaper reported that I was “checkmated” by the sophisticated security machinery of India. However, the metal piece – first hyped out to be a knife – could not be manipulated to fall under the category of any weapon. Continue reading

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Mallika Sarabhai Writes To Amitabh Bachchan

You have said that you are our Ambassador because we have Somnath and Gandhi. Somnath was built for people. Gandhiji was a man of the people. Do the people of this State matter to you? If they do, perhaps your decision will be different. I hope you will read this letter and decide. Continue reading

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Challenges To Central Banking In The Context Of Financial Crisis

Ideally ‘Money’ is meant to measure value of goods and services so as to facilitate economic transactions. Value of money or risk of monetary instruments cannot be measured by any monetary instrument itself. With development of monetary systems, various financial products have been invented, but allowing trade of financial products like mortgaged asset and credit risks etc. started building risky tower which was bound to collapse after a certain period of time. Continue reading

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Communal Violence Bill – How Useful To Victims?

The present Bill already cleared by the Cabinet, seeks to give more power to the police. In fact police has always been the part of the problem, rather than part of the solution. Had police been fair and impartial, no communal riot can last for more than 24 hours.All those who have investigated communal riots know what role police plays in communal riots from remaining spectators to actively helping the rioters instead of controlling it. Continue reading

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Islamophobia At Work In Indian Media

The style of the report accurately reflects the current status of Islamophobia in India. It explains the actions of the rulers in New Delhi, such as on Batla House fake encounter, eyewash retrials on post-Godhra pogrom, ban on SIMI, etc. In fact, PTI seems to stand for Press Tarnish of India to brand anyone professing the religion of Islam as a terrorist. Continue reading

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The Significance of ‘My Name is Khan’

My Name Is Khan is an important movie as it depicts the Muslim protagonist who believes in humanity of his religion and inspires other Muslims to be courageous and handle the issues from inside the community Continue reading

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Murder Of Shahid Azmi, Assault On The Heart Of The Indian Democracy

Shahid Azmi, the defense attorney’s murder is more detrimental to the Indian democracy than many other terribly egregious murders that are in themselves the bane of Indian democracy and civil society.Indians owe a great debt of gratitude to these brave citizens, journalists and lawyers, the conscience keepers of the Indian democracy. Continue reading

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