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Solution For Our “Idiotic” Education System

Between the completely dejected and the enviable toppers lies the majority: The average student. They are in majority. And it is basically their problems that should be discussed.
That would in all probability provide solace to those who are at the lowest rung of the ladder too. Continue reading

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Indian Republic At 60- Am I Indian First Or Muslim First?

It’s like seeking answer to; are you child of your father first or your mother first? The answer is both. I am born in India and I am an Indian and it’s a geographical term. I am born in Islamic faith and so I am a Muslim, and it’s a religious term. I am an “Indian Muslim” is the short answer. Continue reading

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Folklore Sans Frontiers

Six decades have passed since rivers of blood were unleashed by the tragic events of 1947, where an unnatural division of a territory was imposed by a cabal of self-obsessed politicians of all varieties and faiths, in cahoots with their imperial masters. It will take years, perhaps decades, but the dream for a visa-less, peacefully coexistent countries of South Asia will be realized. We will wait, but not give up Continue reading

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Adolescent At 60

Democracy would be meaningless until neglected sections of society are empowered through targeted education, economic aid, job quotas and other interventions. Fair play and better participation of all classes of Indians are essential for a just and durable order. Hopefully, our republic will mature within the current decade to eliminate hunger, illiteracy and injustice. Continue reading

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Poverty And Wealth

“The absence of income is not the only reason for poverty, but non-availability of facilities such as education, health, proper employment, absence of peoples’ participation in politics is also poverty.” But in India caste is also one of the undeniable reasons for poverty. Continue reading

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Muslim Women Of Malabar

Malabar Muslim women may be dressed- traditional, modern, or religious- Mappila women cannot be ignored. Until recently, a section of ulama were opposed to women’s education but people’s attitude changed and now the same group of traditional ulama have set up an engineering college with a women’s hostel attached. Times have changed. Continue reading

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Wearing Burqa Will Now Be A Crime?

This is for the first time that women would be penalized for wearing burqa. Earlier France had banned Muslim girls wearing hijab in schools. It argued that these religious symbols interfere with its commitment to secularism and its secular culture. Continue reading

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Interview: Nasr Abu Zayd On A Humanistic Reading Of The Islamic Tradition

Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd is a well-known Egyptian Islamic scholar. Controversies about his academic work led to a court decision of apostasy and the denial of the appointment. A hisbah trial started against him Islamist groups and he was declared a heretic (Murtadd) by an Egyptian court. Continue reading

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Muslim Organizations Of Kerala

Kerala has long history of Muslim organizations. Many organizations were formed during the turn of the last century when community leaders realized that the community was lagging behind in social and economic front. Continue reading

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Iqbal Ahmad Ansari, 1935 – 2009

Ansari was a rare intellectual and a great negotiator of theologico-political issues, combining the best traditions of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Iqbal and Mahatma Gandhi. He was a unique Muslim intellectual who spoke with reason and in a language understandable to non-Muslim jurists, secular intellectuals and rights activists, Muslim clerics and even international jihadis. Continue reading

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